Limited Edition God of War Kratos Bust only $599.99

Looking for the ultimate edition to your God of War Collection? Look no further.

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dbjj120881454d ago

That's all? By the beard of zeus, I've got that in my couch cushions.

ftwrthtx1454d ago

If you have money in your couch cushions, then you don't have kids cleaning it out looking for said money. LOL

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ftwrthtx1454d ago

How can that possibly be worth 600 bucks?

Thirty3Three1454d ago

Well, nerds...

'Nuff said.

minimur121453d ago

To be fair, I wouldn't say it's worth $600 but it probably cost around that to make. bearing in mind all the licensing stuff and the fact that it's hand painted which probably took a while, definitely is worth a bit of money. Now I like the sculpts and stuff, thinking about how much someone put work into it. But $600 is too much for me thankyou lmao

hulk_bash19871454d ago

I'd get it if I had the coin...... Sadly I don't :(

minimur121453d ago

I've only got $20 in my pocket :(

Roughly the same in my bank too..... lol

IVanSpinal1454d ago

We dont need a Gears of War game,
But we need a God of War Bust

MegaRay1454d ago

Whoever buy this is a true GoW fanboy (not on a bad way)

Tontus1453d ago

I'd buy this in a heartbeat if I had the money to spare...

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