Battlefield 4 Grenade Tweaks Incoming, DICE Details Changes

MP1st - In a continuing effort to improve the game, developers DICE are hard at work on a number of upcoming balance updates for Battlefield 4.

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BALLARD321577d ago

Nice. I swear the V40 Minis were more powerful than the M67. Glad they're getting toned down.

OrangePowerz1577d ago

Still waiting for increased damage on rocket launches to destroy tanks. It's a joke how many anti tank rockets a tank takes when you fire at the less protected back of the tank.

dcj05241576d ago

YES. It should only take 2 hits. 3 at most if from the back.

VENOMACR12271577d ago

Yea having to hit a tank with 4 SMAW (i think thats right) is ridiculous.

The vehicle that needs the biggest nerf in the world is the AA tank. How come firing normal tank rounds takes idk, 5-10 seconds to reload, yet the AA anti air missles reload in about 3 seconds. There is so much anti-air in the game its ridiculous. Engineers get anti air. Snipers can paint a target. Every tank, even ships, can designate air. Unless you have an engineer sitting there repairing you all day (which is boring for that person) it's not a viable option.

InTheZoneAC1577d ago

how about they remove aim assist, the g**est feature in any shooter...

OutcastMosquito1577d ago

Oh my FU**ING GOD!!! YESSS! Aim-assist is THE most annoying feature in BF4. Bitches with PDW's/Shotguns + AA = Broken game.

ObiWanaTokie1577d ago

Then everyone would see how terrible they actually are and no one would play anymore. I try turning it off because the assist is so bad at times, but with it off it makes you want it back on. Suppression alone kills your aim like crazy

Omegasyde1577d ago

No screen shaking due to explosion is by far worse. In face it's annoying especially in zavod.

Omegasyde1577d ago

You can turn it off by the way in options.

Since I use a DMR - I have to turn it off especially when lining up for headshots with multiple people by the target I am aiming at.

ZILLA1577d ago

Flares and flash bang on Locker will be ONLINE MADNESS!!!

crusf1577d ago

A Tokyo map were the LEVELOUTION Is summoning Godzilla into the battle!

Omegasyde1577d ago

Yea flashbands are weak.

I Use smoke in Locker. I just wish it lasted longer.

Great when you throw some down a hallway wait 2 seconds and charge with IRV.

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