YouTube, EA’s 30 pieces of silver, and yet more damage to industry integrity

IncGamers' Peter Parrish trawls through the murky business of EA's 'payment for positivity' Battlefield 4 YouTube campaign.

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Eonjay1632d ago

Man. This is a shame. Just build a good product. That way people will be willing to say they like it without getting paid. This makes it hard to trust anything good you hear about their games.

Roccetarius1632d ago

You mean that you trusted them before? :)

Blaze9291632d ago

right lol. This is what's most shocking and why i have a problem with people who trust the media so willy-nilly. You think this doesn't happen and put trust in people you don't know? Alright lol

Agent_00_Revan1632d ago

I haven't used the words 'trust' and 'EA' in the same sentence in oh, probably the entirety of the PS3/360 generation.

5eriously1632d ago

Ain't EA heavily aligned with Micro$? At least it seems like it with Modus Operandi!

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

you do realise EA was only paying for people to show coverage of the game and wasnt buying them out and telling them to say good things multiple youtubers who were part of this programme have came out and said that they werent being paid to say nice things etc the only part was not to focus on game bugs and glitches they were aloud to show them and talk about them but not focus entire videos on them. they were aloud to say if they didnt like it thought it was bad etc unlike the programme microsoft had in place with machinima and its partners

cyguration1632d ago

"Where would you like us to send your check for $5, Mr. TIER1xWOLFPACKx?" - EA marketing department

mydyingparadiselost1632d ago

There needs to be a backlash against this kind of shilling and it needs to be against the publishers just as much, if not more so, than the you tubers that took the money in the first place. Holding companies accountable against these scumbag practices is maybe the most important thing any gamer can do to effect the course of the industry we have found ourselves beholden to.

Death1632d ago

What kind of backlash should there be for fan made coverage that bashes a product for no reason?

It's one thing when a company is the only one with keys to the car. We have all witnessed some of the BS spewed by angry gamers looking for hits no matter the cost. There is no integrity, rules or regulations for fan based journalism. What are companies supposed to do to counter some of these exaggerated claims?

I'm all for holding companies responsible for their marketing tactics, but responsibility starts with us.

ExPresident1632d ago

Lot of hate going on against some of these YouTubers and JackFrags did an excellent video on his argument against articles like this, or the rabbid people attacking him on his comments page.

I'd highly recommend watching it here:

I'd even go as far to say that if what JackFrags says in his video in true, which he notes the only thing wrong he did was not mention it was sponsored, then all these "Journalists" or so we call them in the gaming industry should be on the hook for a portion of lost funds if any of these guys lose significant amounts of hits on their pages due to trash articles.

Bottom line is if anyone is taking money to say something and influence a future purchase then shame on them. If you are naive enough to think it wasn't happening before this, and didn't do further investigations on a game before you bought it, then shame on you.

This crap has been going on since big companies started providing websites with money for advertisements or promotions.

ExPresident1632d ago

I'll even go on to add that it blows my mind how much coverage this issue is getting, as warranted as it is, yet look at all the game review sites that gave BF4 high marks, like 7 or 8 and above, and it was complete trash on release.

What the hell did you review sites get to keep your mouths shut?

cyguration1632d ago

They're part of the Doritocracy man.

They're only poting fingers at YouTubers to get the heat off of them for once.

You think EA paying off YouTubers makes Geoff Keighley any less of a Dorito Pope?

syrinx1632d ago

Well the article is on a site that gave BF4 5/10 so I don't think there is any double standards and the writer is quite right to talking about it.

ExPresident1631d ago


My comment regarding the review sites was in general rather than directed at one specific site, or even the one writing this article. That being said their 5/10 is a rare score for the game considering all the other scores.

My point about JackFrags comments regarding all this still stands.