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Hardcore Droid:

"Detective Grimoire is a stylish game. In fact, it’s stylish enough to make me wonder if it can stand on that alone. In pop culture, style often dominates over substance. Audiences were dazzled by John Cameron’s Avatar, in spite of the fact that its story was just a gussied up Dances with Wolves. Lady Gaga is beloved and her music is meticulously produced, but her lyrics aren’t exactly incisive (I’ll direct you to a line from G.U.Y: “Love me, love me, please retweet”). Bioshock Infinite was released last year to rave reviews and commended for its stunning graphics, but some critics felt unfulfilled by the game’s message, wondering if the storywriters even knew what message they were trying to convey. Detective Grimoire is not a blockbuster or a platinum singer or part of an enormous franchise, but despite its humbler beginnings, it’s got a lot of style. But is that enough?"

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