Nintendo Moving Towards Health Tech, & License Out Their Character Rights to New Partners

Nintendo company President Satoru Iwata has revealed that the gaming giant intends to release new non-wearable tech that monitors health sometime before March 2016. More details about the products themselves are promised later this year.

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Shok1483d ago

Misleading title. Adding to what you're currently doing doesn't mean you're moving away from that thing.

cleft51483d ago

Very true. I think the idea of incorporating the healthy living style is a brilliant one and will really show well on TV shows like Ellen and Oprah. Quite frankly, thats the area Nintendo needs to be in to gain the mass market again. On top of that, this is suppose to roll out around 2015, so a price drop will have happened by then for sure. That combo will be a powerful one for Nintendo.

Eonjay1483d ago

You can never satisfy Nintendo fans. Even if the article isn't negative, they wont accept anything anyone has to say. The title is NOT misleading and it says nothing negative about Nintendo. In fact, it does nothing but describe opportunities for Nintendo to market and utilize their brand recognition. Thanks for the submission.

Neonridr1483d ago

@Eonjay - the title has been changed now. Convenient huh?

The original title said Nintendo moving away from gaming, focusing on new health tech. Which was completely false. They are merely exploring a new avenue, not abandoning their current market.

Of course it isn't misleading now because it has been changed.

KevinCubes1483d ago Show
DonDon1483d ago

The article says " The company plans to move away from gaming in an attempt to maximize future profits". So, the title actually IS fitting.

Assuming the article is telling the truth. But until you can prove otherwise, than the title fits.

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for we are many1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

This is from the OFFICIAL English translation of Nintendo's Corporate Management Policy Briefing:

"I would like to tell you about something different from our traditional business.
We will definitely maintain dedicated video game platforms as our core business, but, We will also take on the challenge of expanding into a new business area.

We will attempt to establish a new platform business with which we can leverage our strengths, but which is INDEPENDANT FROM OUR VIDEO GAME PLATFORM BUSINESS".

Now just cut the BS.

KonsoruMasuta1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

That's a good thing. That means that they will be able to rely on more than gaming, in the future. It will ensure that their company survives in some way if their ventures in gaming take a downturn.

mushroomwig1483d ago

It's not always a good thing, just look at how many different markets Sony are in right now and how many are giving them problems.

browngamer411483d ago

No, Nintendo is augmenting their games business with this new health venture..I swear the misleading headlines nowadays is getting out of hand.

Eonjay1483d ago

So next time you are getting an MRI..
Think of Mario.

wonderfulmonkeyman1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

*Passes a bladder stone*
Damn you, Luigi!! You and your colorful pills!!XD JK

BLACKBIBLE1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

We updated the article to reflect that Nintendo is not moving away from gaming. Since we just received an updated on the topic. Never the less they are licensing out their character rights to new partners.

Yep1483d ago

"they are licensing out their character rights to new partners."

They aren't even doing that. They are simply now open to licensing opportunities, presumably with strict regulations.

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