PlayStation 4 two months on: the bad

PS4 Attitude: "Having just looked at everything we love about the PlayStation 4, it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t also touch on the stuff that needs improvement. Of course, the PS4 will only get better with time (after all, the PS3 is a very different console today than it was seven years ago), but let’s take a quick look at what Sony should focus on in the short term."

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logan_izer101629d ago

Things they should fix IMO

1. DLNA, mp3, photo, video file support
2. Notifications not going away
3. Option to inform when friends come online
4. Folders
5. More headset support!
6. Too many steps required to start a party
7. Fix sharing (doesn't always record right stuff)
8. Get rid of fluff from What's New section
9. Custom wallpapers and themes
10. Mute option for camera

combatcash1629d ago

Nice list I think you covered most of the issues.

Pixolator1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Great list, another addition, which I believe is easy to fix;

When I insert a new game, I have to go through my game-list section to start it, it would be great if that game reordered automatically to the beginning of the list, so I don't need scroll through the titles. On PS3 this was no issue, don't know why it's missing...

dsswoosh1629d ago

Remove the stupid light from the controller.
Upgrade the controller battery to last more than a couple of hours.

DOMination-1629d ago

The main thing I want fixed is to mute audio through hdmi if you have an optical cable. Otherwise I'm very happy with ps4 right now

zeee1628d ago

Where is my wireless headset support? Jan is over and still no headset support :(

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andrewsqual1629d ago

Add Download Queuing and pausing to that too :)

WickedLester1629d ago

Agree with all of those! Also...

Fix current blu ray playback issues and add 3D Blu Ray support

PS Remote support

Add a 3rd line to the UI so we can separate games from apps.

Audio CD support

Expand voice command abilities like being able to power the system up from standy by mode, eject disks, etc.

nukeitall1629d ago

LOL, seriously?

Audio CD support?

"Expand voice command abilities like being able to power the system up from standy by mode, eject disks, etc."

Do you really want your PS4 to turn into an Xbox One?

truefan11629d ago Show
MetaReapre1629d ago

See, they have voice control on the ps4, so why not expand upon it to make more use of it. It's not that the fans are envious, it's just common sense as right now the voice commands are pretty basic and few.

I kinda agree with you, but at the same time i feel like there's more to improve on before those... My main thing is the bluetooth headset support...

Outside_ofthe_Box1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

What is wrong with expanding on voice commands? If it's there they should improve on it and not leave it stagnate.

In regards to MS, I believe most people had a problem with MS's emphasis on it not the fact that they added the feature.

I can only see those that are insecure taking issue with Sony expanding upon voice commands. I guess that could be because it renders one of the most if not THE touted feature of the XB1 to be advantageous only in regards to devices that are used with the XB1 via hdmi-in, if Sony were to improve the voice commands feature.

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1629d ago
Eldyraen1629d ago

I'd add being able to turn off the controller and still watch videos in progress. I hate wasting battery life watching Netflix. The timer helps but it just isn't the same.

It is a rather minor complaint really but would be a welcome change for many.

PowerOfGreen1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

That works with me, at least it does with LoveFilm.

Edit: Oh disagrees, I must be telling lies again. I don't know what I'm seeing then.

Eldyraen1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )


If that's true maybe its just depends on the App. If so others need to get it worked out but Netflix is the one I use most and know it pauses which is a bit of a drag. I'd almost wish it was a PS4 issue as who knows when every App maker would fix the issue compared to a universal patch from Sony.

MetaReapre1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

There was a youtube video about doing this... I don't have the link to give you but it is possible in a certain way the guy did it. If i find the video I'll edit this post to add it.

Edit: Found it! was easier to find than i thought. lol

sobekflakmonkey1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

although I agree, it's not exactly needed, if you go to the web browser and type it's basically the app, looks the same and everything..and then just bookmark it, so every time you wanna go on youtube you just open the bookmark and there it is, you can sign in and everything.

Megaton1629d ago

Really pathetic that the PS4 can't play music or video files. Seems like some BS from Sony's draconian music and movie departments.

joydestroy1629d ago

i'm still extremely surprised/shocked that there's no support for mp3/cds. like... what?!?!?! lol

captain_slow821629d ago

all sounds about rite just one thing i would like to add better noise cancellation software for partys seems a touch to sensitive for my liking

ziggurcat1629d ago

i would add (and these are all really minor things):

- option to organize trophy list alphabetically and/or separately by system (PS3, Vita, PS4)
- you currently can not set your avatar to anything you've purchased on your PS3, so that needs to be fixed
- i've noticed that sometimes when you wake up the system from standby mode that you can't enter the store. you're met with a blank screen (or just the waves), and you have to press the PS button to return to the XMB (or whatever they're calling it). you are forced to reboot the system to access the store (in my experience).

DigitalRaptor1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Don't be expecting some of those things. Sony has little care for those kind of things that eat away at us.

To this day, you still cannot sort digital PS3 titles by A-Z. That has nagged at me all last generation.

ziggurcat1629d ago

unless i am mistaken, you can sort your game titles alphabetically.

at least all of my games are sorted that way on my PS3.

NaAsAr1629d ago

i hope sony takes a look at that list. spot on man.

wsoutlaw871629d ago

Thats a great list. What i really want is to be able to send the vidoes we share to friends on the ps4 or make it so they can watch whats in my share folder. I dont want to use facebook for videos. Everything on your list is spot on and needs to be done asap. My headset is getting dusty and i need that surround sound for theif.

brich2331629d ago

At least 8 of those are problems with the Xbox One.

BlackTar1871629d ago

1. 100% agree
2. i have had this happen and i agree
3. agree
4. Folders for? Games?
5. agree
6. Party is pretty easy and straight forward
7.haven't tried
8. agreed
9. sure yea why not
10. don't have one.

Good list and ill take everything you just said with the addition of appearing offline.

hduce1629d ago

You must be psychic or something. You read my mind. All the issues that you have listed are the same issues I have as well. Hopefully they will fix everything you listed.

XtraTrstrL1628d ago

Yup, great list. I still feel the mp3 support and media server are missing on purpose to promote Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited. The OS definitely needs a patch for the sharing catching wrong video or none at all though. Every time I've used it in COD, it's messed up. So, I'm reluctant to even hit the button for now. The UI is also not as smooth as it could be when you are in a game and go out to the dashboard. It would also be nice to be able to completely remove items from Library that you don't want in there anymore. Also to be able to delete all those Apps links to download in the apps section. I don't want that folder filled up with icons of apps I don't have, I know where to find the apps Sony, you don't need to put an icon with a download button of each on in my apps folder, cluttering it up.

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DigitalHope1629d ago

Totally agree with this article. Love my PS4 but it is lacking a lot of features I really want.

iiorestesii1629d ago

Maaaybe interface touchpad support? And I believe they really need to find a faster way to allow you to access your friends and music. And interface touchpad support includes the browser Sony.

avangerironman1629d ago

PS4 Trophy Sync error NP-32157-8 :(

Play2Win1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

For me as a Pc Gamer I really like how the PS4 is doing. This console is a step in the direction of PC. If I hadn't so much problems with gamepad (mostly shooters) I would buy one this year for God of War or Uncharted

JohnnyTower1629d ago

Pc is also getting more console-ish as well. The Big Picture from Steam is the biggest reason I jumped in. I love pushing the Xbox button and have my pc turn into a console.

1nsomniac1629d ago

Despite all the stupid fanboyism that goes on. I think both categories are funnily enough improving each other faster or even at all more than they would without each other.

GameScrub1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Ability to remove redbox and hulu plus apps from the homepage.

Oh and better game organization other than all on one bar.

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