Prishe & Ulmia to be Added to Final Fantasy XI’s Trust System in Next Update

Final Fantasy XI‘s Trust Initiative has been a revolutionary addition to the game. By allowing players to form small parties comprised of only themselves and a couple of NPCs, the leveling process has been eased in the wake of departing players.

Prishe and Ulmia – two NPCS from the game’s second expansion, 2004′s Chains of Promathia – will be added to the system next, nearly 10 years after their initial appearance. Square Enix has promised a full “platoon” of alter egos to follow.

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dericb111510d ago

Wish they had this back when I was playing years ago.

TransientDreamer1510d ago

Agreed. However, it's a welcome addition seeing as how Abyssea made EXP parties go bye-bye.

Ngai1510d ago

Prishe <3 here's still hope for an action figure.

thejigisup1510d ago

Wow ffxi...didn't know people still played

TransientDreamer1510d ago

Still plenty of people playing, along with plenty of active servers.

Milruka1510d ago


Last time I checked some of the servers were as little as 70 active players and a average of 500-1200 players active.

thejigisup1509d ago

after this long, im still impessed