Killer Instinct Spinal Reveal Trailer

Killer Instinct's undead terror finally shows what he's capable of. With a short Fulgore teaser too!


Spinal confirmed to be launching tomorrow.

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Convas1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Oh sweeeet mercy, Dat Fulgore.

And Spinal with the "X" bone move, LMAO!

Those that doubted Double Helix need to come back for a hot serving of freshly baked Crow.

"Buh buh buh, MS is throwing away the IP to no namers. It's ruined! WAAAAAH"

GrizzliS19871487d ago

duuuuuuude this trailer is epic no lie. The sound effects, the laughs, the robotic sound waves of hard to pick between the 2... insane

GrizzliS19871487d ago


Feel it in my bones - Tiesto

FragMnTagM1487d ago

Wow I got goosebumps watching that. So much epic in there it is almost too much, almost.

Sayai jin1487d ago

Very nice trailer. Can't wait to play as Spinal Tap!

truefan11487d ago

My goodness that was an awesome trailer, Killer Instinct is back.

Christopher1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Gotta admit, very sad to see this IP go exclusive to XBO. ONe of the games I played almost daily in the day of arcades and me eating pizza all the time.

This trailer is awesome.

fossilfern1487d ago

Well it was a Rare IP. MS have had the IP for years.

Christopher1487d ago

A man can hope, can't he? Nothing is impossible, just not hella probable.

Jeedai Infidel1487d ago

cgoodno, I miss those days of pizza and arcade games so much that I try and relive them every time I go to Disneyland by getting pizza at Redd Rocket's Pizza Port(I snicker at that name every time) and taking it across the way to The Starcade.

Sayai jin1487d ago

@cgoodno- Oh you are taking me back to my younger years. Pizza and arcades!

LightofDarkness1487d ago

You really are from the arcade days. You just said "hella" without a trace of irony.

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fossilfern1487d ago

Yeah I really enjoy the new KI. Despite the previous games Double Helix have proved themselves as a capable developer going by the buzz coming from the new Strider.

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Fireseed1487d ago

Dear god it's beautiful!

Mikefizzled1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

I cannot believe how well Double Helix did with this trailer. I apologise for ever doubting them and that I was disappointed that they delayed him.

NYC_Gamer1487d ago

When is TJ Combo going to be revealed?

Mikefizzled1487d ago

Next season. If they do one. Probably. Hopefully.

lets_go_gunners1487d ago

They are going to have a season 2. Phil said the game did great in sales and double helix are already debating whose gonna make the Killer cut for season 2...(Sorry I just had to).

Fireseed1487d ago

It's all but confirmed at this point. With Phil Spencer saying how big of a success KI has been, to someone on the KI stream accidentally commenting "you will absolutely see it next seas... whoop"

True_Samurai1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Omfg Spinally they showed him! No? I'll show myself out

My favorite 3: Glacius, Spinal, & Fulgore

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