If Nintendo Can’t Invigorate the Wii U, Perhaps Ellen DeGeneres Will, At Least Per This Attempt

It may have been Ellen’s birthday today on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, but her audience members were the ones getting the presents, one of them being a Wii U Deluxe System with Wii Fit U.

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JuleyJules1627d ago

I've said before that as part of advertising Nintendo needs to get the Wii U out there in the public eye. Having Wii U on Ellen will help and show people that it's new and, today, has Wii Fit U on it. It would help too to have Sophia Grace & Rosie in England playing Wii Sports Club against Ellen in LA. That would help show people they can play against friends and family from other places. However, to do that the region-blocking would have to be removed - which it should anyway imo.

erathaol1627d ago

This is the best!

Wish I liked TV, as Ellen, out of all the day time TV show hosts, is my favorite. Has the best personality and has done some really charming things for people. As seen in this video.

gedden71627d ago

Yup best way to get the system out there is to cleverly advertise through game/talk shows.

JohnnyTower1627d ago

Well why spend money on a Super Bowl ad, right? I can see all the 40 year old women rushing out to grab a Wii U. Ninty should target the gaming demographic.

gedden71627d ago

Umm those 40 year old women have kids...

Get your game up..... -_____-

JohnnyTower1627d ago

Uh, so advertise on a children's show dummy. See which one gets more reception. Ninty needs to hit up Ytv and Treehouse, not the mid-morning talkshow circuit.

KonsoruMasuta1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

This is actually a good idea. It's simple when you think about it. I'll try breaking this down the best way possible, that way even you will be able to understand.

Ellen has a large following. Ellen advertises WiiU and gives reasons why they should buy it. Moms buy it.

It's called business. You try to reach as many people as you can with your advertisements.

gedden71627d ago

Yes they can do that too... Why do you even care??

SilentNegotiator1627d ago

And 12 more Wii U's than average sold that day.

Hicken1627d ago

I love Ellen, but her endorsement wouldn't entice me to buy a Wii.

Then again, I'm not her target audience.

Nintendo really does need to step up their marketing of the Wii U, regardless of HOW they do it.

AKR1627d ago

This one will have legs.

Millions of people watch this show; now they know about it. And several people got that prize; they're gonna tell people about it.

Smart move, indeed.

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