Chrono Trigger Symphony 3 Revives Misuda’s Classic Themes

If you’ve ever played Squaresoft’s 16-bit role playing masterpiece, Chrono Trigger, chances are the sweeping soundtrack to that game has been burned into your very marrow. Yasunori Mitsuda’s timeless score fit Crono & company’s time-spanning quest like a well-worn adventurers glove. Now, prepare to be taken back to some of the most iconic moments in the game with f Chrono Trigger Symphony Volume 3. This just-released album was performed by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra and features over 40 minutes stunningly orchestrated renditions of the classic Chrono Trigger soundtrack.

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kalkano1484d ago

Just bought it. Listening now. Disc 3 was always my favorite. ;)

dead_pixels1484d ago

Glad to hear you picked it up. What'd you think of it?