Why Thief's DualShock 4 Features Are Better Than Any Other Game We've Seen

games™ chatted to Thief's developers about the research and reasoning that resulted in the game's unique use of the PS4's light bar

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TimmyShire1630d ago

As long as it's more than just awkwardly controlling a map I'm happy. I think there's a lot the touchpad/light bar could be used for.

DanielGearSolid1629d ago

Touch controls for maps isnt awkward at all


I agree, but it needs some fine tuning to get it right. In AC IV for example, it scrolls too fast... But it's an instintive way to scroll and select location/mark waypoints in openworld games.

UltimateMaster1629d ago

Nah, it scrolls just the right amount.
Sometimes you have to do it twice when you want to look at something really close, tough that's not very often.

DigitalHope1629d ago

Tomb Raider uses the light bar really well too.

My tv sits a little higher that my couch so I don't get any reflection. When I played Tomb Raider I made sure to play in the dark.

When you shoot a gun the light pulses like a muzzle flash. When you carry a torch it changes from orange, yellow and red and illuminates the room as I you yourself was carrying the torch.

It does more but those are the best examples. Also as you walk in the jungle if you step on branches you hear them snap from the controller. When you pull a trigger you hear that click come from the controller.

It's very very cool and adds to immersion. I had my doubts, but now I'm absolutely sold on it. Amazing.

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G20WLY1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

"Thief is the best use of the light bar we’ve seen...Because the white light is ambient, your brain registers you’re exposed without any active thought."

Stepping out of the shadows in-game and experiencing the effect in your playing environment sounds very cool. I find the rumble in the pad adds immersion and this should have the same effect.

Great to see developers innovating through the new features of the DS4 - more please! :)

Neonridr1630d ago

Fine and dandy if you are playing in the dark I guess. I don't usually game with all the lights off though. And I'm not usually looking down at my hands to see a light on my controller.

I do appreciate the effort at least.

G20WLY1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

I agree, I usually have lights on, since it's generally better for your eyes.

But, when playing a game like, Thief, which is dependant on light/shadow dynamics, I'll play in the dark - especially now this feature is included. If you're in the dark, you won't need to look down, as the white light will impact the room according to the article.

EDIT: Oh, and horror games/movies - I always experience those in the dark too for maximum impact! :)

GarrusVakarian1630d ago

I guess it's cool for people who play in the dark and won't be using any HUD (like me).

Does the light turn off completely when you are in the shadows?

Neonridr1630d ago

@Lukas_Japonicus - if it does turn off completely then they should send that code to Sony so they can implement it in a future firmware update lol.

@G20WLY - I agree that playing in the dark sets the mood, I may have to do that for this game. Horror games I always play in the dark, Outlast will be great to experience on my big screen in the dark with my headphones on.

wsoutlaw871629d ago

Ya some games like this need to be played in the dark and this is a much more usefull implementation of the lihgt bar than it flashing when you shoot. The aditions on the ds4 show that not every game needs them but its great to have for the ones that do.

IcarusOne1629d ago

Even when playing in the dark, my 55" LCD does a pretty good job of lighting up on the room on it's own. Next to that, the lightbar is barely noticable.

ITPython1628d ago

Yeah, I don't play in the dark either, always gamed in full lighting and wouldn't consider it any other way. So anything the lightbar is doing, goes 100% unnoticed by me.

Still waiting for Sony to cave in and allow us to completely turn off the lightbar, as it is totally useless for me and I would rather have those milliamps going toward my battery life.

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oof461629d ago

Call it a next gen exclamation point over the enemies head.

Ashby_JC1630d ago

I love that this game has tons of options to tweak how you want to play :-)

barakus71630d ago

Many may not agree, but this just sold me on the game. My gameroom is perfect for this!

MasterCornholio1629d ago

Sounds like a cool feature. Also if the controller could replicate the sound of your footsteps that would be neat as well.

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