A Feature From Skyrim All RPGs Should Implement

Most RPGs (and most games with RPG elements for that matter) have mostly followed the same blueprint. A player kills enemies, gains experience points, then uses those experience points to build up their character. Skyrim might not be the first game to employ this particular play style, but the style they used might be the most well implemented.

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godofboobees1604d ago

This style of leveling up was done in final fantasy 2

Rikuide_Furame1604d ago

I was never a huge fan of the leveling system used in Elder Scrolls as, for me, the leveling up felt anti-climatic; you dumped a point into health, stamina or mana and that was that. Big fan of the new perks system to give more meaning to levels.

Wni01604d ago

is it the unresponsive and clunky controls?

Roccetarius1604d ago

No, the leveling system in Skyrim should not be used in all RPG's. It's definitely not a good one.

OurcadeGames1604d ago

Might I ask why? I feel that actually having to perform a task to improve at it makes some sort of sense.

AnotherProGamer1604d ago

Because there is no limit to it. If other games you had to strategically pick the right stats and you have a limited points to use. In Skyrim you can become overpowered very fast and leveled up very fast.