Have Nintendo Gone Mad? Smart Devices, Licencing IPs, and Quality of Life

Dealspwn: "Yes, this is what we've all been waiting for: Nintendo springing into action, facing up to their mistakes, being candid about the challenges ahead, and coming out swinging. It's action stations, and president Satoru Iwata has outlined the path ahead for Nintendo. This is the road to redemption!


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NYC_Gamer1479d ago

Nintendo is just a lost company now days when it comes to the home console market..There have been reports that share holders weren't even blown away by the new ideas presented by Iwata.

Yep1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Why would the same investors be blown away by a future where Nintendo doesn't go third party after they've all been calling for them to do so? It's time for them to get real with themselves.

Concertoine1479d ago

it just sounds like a bunch of corporate mumbo jumbo to keep shareholders happy. i was pleased with their future plans for the wii u but this whole QOL thing has me more confused than curious.

SLUG1479d ago

i no one of the share holders and she said i'm not happy with nintendo at all sony and microsoft are doing much better then us this makes me sick in side thats what she said
just wow

Yep1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

No, I think it's exciting stuff as much as people want to put a negative spin on the news.

We're going to get cheaper games just by having fun (a service that makes PSN and Xbox Live look outdated and even rivals Steam in some aspects), a new quick start menu, better use of the GamePad, and lots of other promising new initiatives.

All Nintendo needs to do is actually execute them, as they do have a history of saying they'll do something and not doing it.

Anything Nintendo does is going to get criticized anyway so I could really care less.

Concertoine1479d ago

Don't get ahead of yourself... a lot of what was said needs clarification. cheaper games by having fun sounds too good to be true, and i'll believe it when i see it.

Yep1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Yeah, it does need further clarification, but they essentially said (at least how I interpreted it):

• If you buy a bunch of Nintendo games, they will get cheaper for you. This makes sense because you are a loyal customer and you are not only getting the game for yourself, but you are also increasing awareness of it by being such a fanboy.

• If you and a bunch of friends decide to buy a game, it will be cheaper for all of you. This makes sense because between you all you are doing a lot to increase awareness of the title. Think of how some Nintendo communities are constantly talking about how great Monster Hunter, Need for Speed, and Call of Duty are on Wii U. Since they are putting the games' names out there, it makes sense that they "get paid" (through a discount) for increasing awareness of those titles.

slivery1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

I have no problem with you being hopeful, hell I hope this all works out for them and whatever this QOL stuff even means I have no clue.

...but man you sure are assuming a lot, I mean a lot.

"We're going to get cheaper games just by having fun (a service that makes PSN and Xbox Live look outdated and even rivals Steam in some aspects)"

Realistically there is no way Nintendo is just going to come out with a digital platform that will make PSN, Xbox Live and Steam look outdated. That is such a huge assumption you have made.

They have no trouble admitting they can't even catch up in the high defintion department even though they had plenty of time to with the Wii. So honestly how do you come up with the assumption that Nintendo can just magically come up with a service that will make all others look outdated? When they are completely new to a full digital platform as well when services like PSN, Live and Steam have been building themselves for years.

PSN and Steam already treat their customers very well with very amazing sales and even better if you are a PS+ subscriber, I honestly don't imagine Nintendo's new loyalty program being much different or that much better in terms of prices. If anything it will be similar. I mean PSN and Steam already make their games dirt cheap at times as it is.

Experience counts for a reason. Nintendo has none in that department, I am not saying they can't become that one day but to assume they will right out of the gate seems extremely far fetched to me given they have very little experience when it comes to large scale online services in general. When it comes to online bottomline Nintendo is the furthest behind denying otherwise is complete denail.

To me it feels like it will be the entire HD thing for a short period, they will struggle with their new digital platform. I mean for god sakes making networkds ID's causes their servers problems. I just Nintendo has such a long way to go before they perfect what Microsoft, Sony or Steam have done.

Even worse they have stated none of their employees even use those other services.. So that worries me even more they will just be playing catch up once again. If no one you hire even uses these services how can they even compare to compete to even make their service the best and others obsolete?

I wouldn't jump the gun on the loyalty spiel either because Club Nintendo in all honesty has really sucked lately, that is their current loyalty program. So I just cannot assume as much as you are that is for sure, I will wait patiently to see how it all pans out first before I crown them king of anything.

I personally think this QOL thing though is not going to do so well well. I still have no idea what Nintendo is thinking or planning with that and I honestly have no idea why they are even focusing on anything substantially new like that when the Wii U needs a lot of work right now.

Everything Iwata said about the Wii U was pretty much a rinse and repeat, he has said this before many times and oddly we are here once again, him trying to smooth investors over.

Lets just say I am not going to jump to conclusions, I need to see this work and I need to see it in action before I make huge assumptions like yours which in my opinon honestly make no sense given Nintendo experience level with online.

Yep1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

My assumptions are in line with what Nintendo has stated.

You don't own your games with PSN and Xbox Live. That's the huge turn off. I'm very much liking the idea of being reward with cheaper prices for being a fan and unintentionally promoting their games for them.

Also Club Nintendo has been great. Sony and MS have no program like it. Nintendo fans are about to get Club Nintendo tacked on with this new program.

Everything else you said about Nintendo not being able to possibly offer such an environment and about how nothing they do will work is just a doubt, in other words, an opinion of which you're entitled to.

Myst1479d ago

I'm glad you put this part:

"All Nintendo needs to do is actually execute them, as they do have a history of saying they'll do something and not doing it. "

It all does sound very promising and good for the WiiU but that sentence you put can and will perhaps knock down a bit of the hype.

SpiralTear1479d ago

It sounds weird at first, but Nintendo's taking a different approach to all of these ideas than what some might expect.

They're not just putting their games on mobile devices.
They're not giving their IPs to just any developer.
And QOL sounds...quite honestly, I don't know what that necessarily means for the long-term.

We may not know what a lot of these ideas mean at the moment, but they are certainly methods of taking action. They're not giant leaps, but small steps forward.

wonderfulmonkeyman1479d ago

I dunno, man.
Cheaper games just for purchasing and playing them?
It's like the community is controlling the discounts instead of the company, in a way.
That's a pretty big forward step, even compared to the other services out there right now...

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