'Assassin's Creed 4' focused more on world and character building than plot

A narrative in an open-world game can sometimes feel disjointed and spread out due to the tendencies players have, but Assassin's Creed 4 did a exceptional job of keeping the story within the player's mind, while still giving them as much freedom as they wanted.

It always ends up being quite the game when you have an incredible, well-built open-world, and an engaging plot that holds your attention from start to finish. Recently, longtime Assassin's Creed writer Darby McDevitt talked about his priorities when it came to the plot and the rest of the game.

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Simco8761632d ago

I think when you're dealing with Edward, you aren't really playing a main story plot. I mean there is some plot there, but it's not like he is a regular Assassin that follows the creed to the letter. He is out for himself, and for this series it's a breath of fresh air. I am personally happy with the character building and world adventure, it's an amazing experience...I'm not even finished with the game, but I find myself not even really getting pushed into the main story, just too much fun.

morganfell1632d ago

I am quite happy with the character but other features suffered. The combat was a step back from AC3. While Kenway is more of a brawler without the finesse of a trained assassin it still suffered as compared to the sleek blocks, counters, and counter attacks of AC3.

AC4 also suffered from the more is better syndrome. More ships does not equal better combat. Sometimes it looked like a kiddie pool full of toys.

It would have been great to actually have to hunt the ocean for a certain ship, move to different routes, spot her and lose her in a cloud bank and then take a differnt route to hit a running current and intercept her farther on.

And while AC4 is an adult title in some respects, they avoided the dockside of that life as portrayed so readily in Black Sails. It makes the game, all AC titles really, seem a little antiseptic in nature.

Sex should not be the detracting centerpiece of any title unless that is your title but neither should it be pretended such a pasttime did not exist. Particularly to bucaneers.

CrossingEden1632d ago

AC4 does have weaker combat from AC3, but I have no idea why you would consider things like "different currents make you lose ships" fun. They stated that they were going for FUN with the ship combat as opposed to realism. And that's exactly what they accomplished.

morganfell1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Because I want a more tactical approach where they do not hold your hand down to X marks the spot and say "Okay, attack that ship you see right in front of you. Yes the one in plain sight." Right now taking down enemy ships is a game for dullards.

There is fun and then there is ship attacks for idiots by Simon and Schuster.

Tracking and stalking a ship versus "Here is 200 bartender where is that ship...along with 10 other dingys out there sailing in circles".

It is like shooting ducks on a pond now. Did no one here ever see Master and Commander? How about The Buccaneer? Some skill at seamanship should be required to not just take down ships but to find them in the first place. In piracy days 3/4 of the fight was the victory of locating the laden vessels in the first place.

stavrami-mk21632d ago

didn't mind the story at all if anything it was one of the better ones of the year