Global Weekly Chart Week Ending 01/18/2014

3DS 151,502 (-21%) 42,555,517
PS4 149,643 (-20%) 4,741,242
XOne 82,314 (-22%) 3,274,745
PS3 76,516 (-16%) 80,984,422
PSV 48,694 (-19%) 7,386,400
WiiU 47,379 (-19%) 5,586,080
X360 44,017 (-17%) 80,213,636
PSP 27,469 (-17%) 80,348,629
Wii 16,049 (-22%) 100,459,747

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Concertoine1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Vita and wii u dwindling back down :l almost every system has 1 big game coming up that'll tide people over for a bit. Titanfall on xbone, Infamous on PS4...

TomShoe1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

My story with the console race

Me: Any PS4s?

Target: Those sold out within minutes..... You want an xbox? (points to a stack of 25)


The search continues

mediate-this1541d ago

When is that going to get old? Stacks here this sold out, there both selling good, ps4 a little better, but regardless both good. Not understanding your comment, seems trolly

PowerOfGreen1541d ago

I guess I was lucky picking one up then :) An amazing piece of hardware.

DC7771541d ago

Go to stores like Sears. I got one there launch day. Nobody was there and they had a couple in the back.

Gamingcapacity1541d ago

The bigger question is... WHO IS STILL BUYING THE PSP???

reaperofsouls1541d ago

@ tomshoe, good luck with ur PS4 search be patient and don't be tempted to become a boner u'll just hate urself for it

KevinCubes1541d ago

Haha I even got ps4 and I'm a xbox fan.......spinal looking promising in that teaser trailer

UltimateMaster1540d ago

The PS4 is Dominating.
Just look at these sales, even the 3DS has a hard time catching up, and the PS4 isn't even released in Japan yet!

Gamer19821540d ago

PS4s are getting easy enough to find now. Demand has died down somewhat and major stores like gamestop (in US) and GAME (in UK) as well as amazon who got the most stock from MS and Sony have stock now. Just those who got only a few consoles are still out of PS4s. Even with that PS4 is still nearly doubling the sales of Xbone. It also means people won't be buying an Xbone instead of PS4 because PS4 isn't available which i'm sure gave Xbone some sales before christmas as it was the only one of the 2 consoles available to find without a pre-order.

vigilante_man1540d ago

Anyone else noticed how VCGChartz have took off 2 million from the PS3 global sales?

They were at nearly 82 million a few months ago and have been selling more than the 360 every month world wide.

Now their 2+ million lead over the 360 has been wiped and they have the PS3 sales at below 81 million!!!

Conspiracy theories abound - or have the MS dollars landed?

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SilentNegotiator1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

With Vita on top of Wii U once again. "Wii U poor sales? Buh but Vita, so there!"

Both topped by PS3, though. That's kinda sad. Then again, being topped by a system as great as Ps3 isn't the worst shame you could suffer from :)

mochachino1541d ago

After buying Plus for my PS4 I realized that PS3 with PSN Plus may be the greatest console of all time.

I'm sure PS4 will be the same thing in a few years but there not enough games to give away AAA PS4 games free yet. Nonetheless, Resogun is amazingly addictive.

Gamer19821540d ago

Yeah but Vita topping WiiU with ZERO games.. WiiU has an amazing lineup and some amazing games coming out and still cannot sell. This is because of market confusion, lack of 3rd party support and price. I would say the Vita is doing okay and with the new cheaper Vita coming out Feb 2nd its gonna do even better.

Shnazzyone1540d ago

hey... 3ds is beating ps4 in sales numbers.

truefan11541d ago

I respect that,definitely some good sales for Sony. I'm also impressed with the XB1 numbers, even the Wii U aren't that bad. maybe if the leadership stopped with the doom and gloom, more people would buy one.

FlunkinMonkey1541d ago

Gosh.. When will you get a grip?

MS's 'doom and gloom', is solely down to incompetence, the fact it is a weaker system, a vast array of misjudgements, and their early adoption of the abuse of gamers rights.

More people would buy one if it was a PS4.

scott1821541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

ps4 and the DS compete weekly, hard to beat those weekly numbers from DS, maybe when the PS4 is out in Japan with decent stock everywhere else. Good numbers for hardware and software on the PS4 worldwide.

reaperofsouls1540d ago

according to the global software totals
PS4 sold 10,117,698 and bone sold 8,288,472 which is approx difference of 1.8 million. Put this it the context because ps4 launched with fewer game only knack and kz apposed to a number of bone heavy hitters such as borza , dead rising , ryse and numerous others and manage to out sell M$.

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Kakashi Hatake1541d ago

Well deserved sales for PS4. Good to see MS won't have a strong foothold this generation.

DigitalHope1541d ago

As a Sony loyalist, that comment makes me sick to my stomach.

torchic1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

why? nothing good can ever come from this current Microsoft being dominant in this, or any other generation. I must emphasise that I'm talking about the current MS hierarchy, they of course could turn over a new leaf.

objectively speaking, Sony dominating the generation is good for all gamers involved. it's selling like hotcakes, it's affordable and it's easy to develop for; that must be a publisher's dream. that means more games get green-lit for us!

DigitalHope1541d ago

Oh I don't know, maybe it's nice to show a little grace and be humble about it, but comments like that just make the rest of us look bad.

Competition is a good thing. Don't forget Sony dominated in the PS2 era and then look what happened with PS3. What abut the next next gen, what if Sony lets it get to their head because of that kind of consensus from fans and then try to take advantage of us. Don't think for a second MS isn't going to learn their lesson from this.

Don't be a bitch is what I'm saying.

SilentNegotiator1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

If Xbone's preorders had been as high as PS4's or higher, Xboxers would have 24-hour DRM. Absolutely everyone should be happy that Xbox One stumbled out of the gate.

Furthermore, MS is already talking about budging on their horrible anti-developer publishing terms. The sort of thing they were ABLE to have last gen thanks to their small lead in the HD market. Imagine if they had a strong foothold this gen; those policies might have cemented themselves entirely in the gaming industry.

DigitalHope1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Yes Sony beating out MS was and is a good thing because it forced MS to back track. That's what healthy competition does. Sony absolutely running away with it this gen though isn't really a good thing either.

Again I point to the PS2 to PS3. It can still happen again so as a Sony loyalist I want MS to be right on Sony's ass just to keep Sony humble about what they have.

Comments like the first and subsequent are just disrespectful and show no class. I've seen Sony fans harping on MS fans for following their brand blindly, guess what? Most Sony "fanboys" do the same while shitting on the competition.

All I'm saying is show some class, show some respect and take Sony's lead with a grain of salt. Don't be a bitch because it could easily reverse next gen.

Hicken1541d ago

It doesn't make the rest of us look bad. That, in and of itself, is a sad fanboy mentality.

Kakashi doesn't speak for me. I can do that my damn self. I happen to, to a certain degree, agree with him- more through what torchic says.

Historically speaking, Sony's domination has meant good things for the industry; competition is only good for the industry when the competition is good. In other words, what use is it to compete against someone who's crap?

As for Sony getting arrogant again, why do you think that MS has learned their lesson, but that Sony somehow has not?

If you should be telling anyone "Don't be a bitch," it would be yourself, at this point.

MysticStrummer1541d ago

It should make you sick that XBL Gold's popularity is a huge reason why much of online play with PS+ is now a paid service. MS having less influence is a good thing. Now we need to work on EA...

Bathyj1541d ago

"Sony dominated in the PS2 era and then look what happened with PS3."

Good point.

Exactly the reason MS needs to get beaten down right now and taught some damn humility.

Sonys arrogance was never as bad as MS is and even when they did think their sh*t didnt stink, they still had the gamers at heart. The two companies couldnt be more different in their approach.

Yes, I agree competition is a good thing in theory. In practice however Sony domination was a golden age for everyone who was there, and I dont think they will make the same mistakes twice which incidentally, that mistake was a bit too much bravado and an expensive machine that still was the best console of its generation. Half the stuff Sony got hassled for (like forcing Bluray) everyone agrees was the best choice now.

I agree with Mystic, MS competing and offering an alternative is fine, but the less say they have in how things are done the better.

Sheikh Yerbouti1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Vote me down with Passive Attack, guys.

Let MS do good enough to keep the XBox relevant and your lil' fanboy war ongoing. It's good to see Sony hold its ground, but I always knew it would. These two companies compliment each other on their strengths and weakness - hardware/software and innovation/marketing. I am not saying go out and buy a XBox One - that'd be crazy - just know that MS keeps Sony on its toes, and vice versy, which in the end is good for all.

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TomShoe1541d ago

I'm not sure where these "Vita is DOOOOOOOOMED" sayings are coming from.

It beat the Wii U and the 360 again.

Sayai jin1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

@TomShoe- I think the Vita will be fine. Don't get me wrong I want the Vita to do well too, but you are comparing a handheld to consoles. How did it stack up against the other handheld? That would be the right comparison.

Ol_G1540d ago

And it got killed by the 3ds so whats your point?

Eonjay1541d ago

Looks like the PS4 has to sell about 250k over the next 13 days to hit 5 million before February. Stock is officially avaliable again on 1/19/2014 here in the US (Best Buy) so it will be interesting to see if sales continue downward or if it stock was constraining sales.

Wii U leads PS4 by ~800k
PS4 leads Xbox One ~1.5 Million
Wii U leads Xbox One by ~2.25 Million

Ol_G1540d ago

funny thing is you have articles claiming ps4 and x1 already surpassed wii u life time sales fanboys are funny creatures

Eonjay1540d ago


The numbers were updated. Nothing I can do about that now.

OldDude1541d ago

Bonehead comment. Sony and MS push each other for better market-share and gamer's win. I own both, both are great. Try not being so narrow minded.

mochachino1541d ago

Me too, otherwise it would be like last gen with "competitor games can't look better" policies.

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MasterCornholio1541d ago

Very impressive sales for the PS4 and they should explode once the consoles releases in Japan. According to the numbers the PS4 is about to surpass Sonys sales expectations which is a very good thing to see.

G20WLY1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Yep, looks like PS4 will pass 5 million before it's Japanese release, which has to be encouraging!

It's a longshot, but it MIGHT possibly over take Wii U lifetime sales by the end of February - which would just be barmy! :O

Wii U has some decent titles coming up though, so it's certainly not a given, by any stretch.

cell9891541d ago

Impressive PS4 numbers, the xbone is competing directly with PS3 it seems. Also somehow the PSVita sold more than 360.

WeAreLegion1541d ago

I think having three of the top five consoles is pretty admirable. I don't want to see the Vita or Wii U doing this poorly though. Hoping for strong numbers on both this year.

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