Iwata Plots Nintendo's Business Diversification To Hunt For Growth (and Less Competition)

Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo, used his presentation at the most recent financial results briefing to outline the company's short, medium and longer term strategy for growth.

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lilbroRx1628d ago

My favorite thing about Nintendo is that they offer you things no one else does.

Thank you Nintendo. Keep up the good work.

miyamoto1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Told you guys Nintendo can not handle direct competition. They find their way in & around the industry in order to stay in business. They were lucky with the Wii a point in time where sidestepping to avoid direct competition with Sony and M$ is a smart strategy during the economic crisis of 2008 to 2010.

When Nintendo went head to head with PSOne and PS2 it proved to be disastrous. But success went to Iwata's head and he went to now cross paths again with the HD consoles PS3 and PS4 with Wii U & Nintendo breaks down again. This is their weakness.

You people call Iwata crazy but he is right, Nintendo is better off with & should have stayed with making more, more, more games for the young kids and target them like crazy with Kirby and Pokemon. This is their strength.