Why Xbox One's Resolution Doesn't Matter

Microsoft has been taking a lot of heat over the Xbox One for allegedly releasing an inferior console to the PlayStation 4 that is barely next generation. The Gaming Smut staff consists of seasoned professionals when it comes to the gaming industry, and our opinions are quite contrasting.

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FITgamer1514d ago

Because they no longer have the upper hand.

Angels37851513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

Yup...their logic

"Doesn't suit my argument? time to ignore it even though I used a 20 pixel difference as HUGE last gen....let alone frame rate differences"

I swear last gen those bots could see every minute pixel and 2-3 frame difference....and touted it as a VERY MAJOR difference that showed how much more powerful the console was.....that is until uncharted 2.....3 the last of us....killzone....and games became better on the playstation platform in graphics and performance late in the gen due to the ps3's (dumb: my opinion) architecture.

Lets not also forget.....the old "It doesnt matter that ps3 launched A YEAR AND A HALF later than the xbox 360....but OH NOW an INSIGNIFICANT WEEK makes a HUGE difference and is the reason the xbox one is behind 1.5 million units in all its own turf while sony has yet to launch in japan...its BEST turf. These consoles have been out for a few months now.....not a few days the week (weak) argument is invalid.

TomShoe1513d ago

Remember they gave PS3 owners shit for YEARS because multiplats looked better on 360, especially since the Skyrim debacle.

Now that PS4 is more powerful?

"Specs don't matter"

"It's about the gameplay"

"Have you SEEN Titanfall?"

CYCLEGAMER1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

This article is what I have been trying to explain to people for the longest. After owning both consoles I found out what really matters to me, and that is the gameplay, the experience and the games. Besides on my tv...the differences are very small, almost insignificant, but then you come to a website like this that is full of fanboys (on both sides) and it will have you thinking that resolution is the end all be all to gaming.

A lot of you are just miss guided.

I don't know about other people but the games have always been important to me, however I do remember thinking, ok the ps3 is obviously more powerful than the 360, so why aren't the multiplates reflecting this? Kind of like a nissan 750z out performing a Ferrari, it didn't make any sense.

GarrusVakarian1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )


" don't know about other people but the games have always been important to me, however I do remember thinking, ok the ps3 is obviously more powerful than the 360, so why aren't the multiplates reflecting this?"

How is the answer to that not obvious to you? The PS3's CELL architecture was much more complicated than the 360's, so devs weren't willing to make as much of an effort as Sony's first party studios were, and why would they? They had an easy console (360) to develop for...might as well just make the PS3 versions as similar as they can and save time/money and man hours.

The games that showed the power difference were the PS3's exclusives due to the fact that Sony's first party devs only had the PS3 to work with so they were much more dedicated to get the most they could out of it, which was precisely the reason the 360 was my main console last gen (for the multi's) and i only played PS3 exclusives on my PS3 (apart from GTA5).

But this gen the roles are reversed. X1 for X1 exclusives only and PS4 as my main console.

LostDjinn1513d ago

This site (gamingsmut) is simply trying to hit bait people. Of course res and performance matter. That's why the author submitted it here.

Now you might think how could someone even attempt to justify this stance. Kinect. I'm serious. That's it.

Just click on the site name (below where it says read full story) and show him how grateful you are that he's treated you like an idiot.

BG115791513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

I still remember when MS presented the Xbone. Their major argument for people to buy their console was "Look at these games. They are all in 1080 and 60fps. Only possible on the Xbone...".

This is why I think 1080 and 60fps matter. Because MS told me so.

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MasterCornholio1513d ago

Its always been that way. The weakest console always has fans who claim that resolution/framerate doesnt matter. In my opinion it does which is why i bought a PS4. And before any of you tell me to buy a PC i was looking for a system to game on for 500$ or less and my best option was the PS4.

Marked1513d ago

This is the truth.....If you can save up for a DIY pc, I highly recommend it. You can find massive savings all year round on the modding communities show alot of love.

come_bom1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

"Why Xbox One's Resolution Doesn't Matter"


In 2014 I expect most games from a new console to be 1080p. If the console can't deliver that, then it's simply not powerful enough.

GarrusVakarian1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

Damage control to Major Tom. If it didn't matter devs wouldn't bother making games above 720p.


"between 900p upscaled to 1080p and 1080p native, i don't see a difference honestly"

Fair enough, but i took my PS4 round to a friends house last night and he has a 1080p monitor for his PC and an old 720p TV for when we go around. I had to use the 720p TV for BF4, Killzone and Lego Marvel and they all looked TERRIBLE. No exaggeration, even BF4 at 900p looked A LOT jaggier and messier than it usually does on my 1080p TV. Killzone SF looked awful and Lego Marvel (which is probably the crispest/cleanest 1080p ive played so far) looked awful also, no smooth edges, aliasing everywhere. So for me personally, i see a HUGE difference. I don't ever want to play a next gen game in 720p.

headblackman1513d ago

brains and money is always better than brute force. (NEVER FORGET THAT YOUNGLING)

BG115791513d ago

Yet, honesty is still the best policy.

stuna11513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

Now the arguement, it's all about the game play! Logically speaking a game that is multiplatform, that has good to excellent game play will technically still be better on the PS4! Exactly how does that support anyones arguement?

People want to speak on Exclusives.....well I would guess that is pretty much one of the reasons this article was written, but looking at things even from that angle serious downgrades have occurred. Lower resolutions, Framerate issues, pretty much the same things that are occurring on the multiplatform side of things.

How people elect to persue their choice in what intitles a game to be considered good is all subjective! Yes even when it comes to those who review the game, their opinions are opinionated veiws of what they consider a good game, it really shouldn't have a bearing on what you or I for that matter consider a good game.

The thing that should troubling though is; constant reversals concerning your intent and purpose. One day it's this, then the next day it's that! Microsoft have muddied their own water, but to this day I have always found it odd and strange how they have been to keep their fanbase so enthralled to the point that they would rush to defend in any circumstance!? I kind of reminds me of a social outcast, that has been turned out sexually.

Talking about things subjectively can only get you only so far no matter what the situation is! Then it comes down to cold hard facts!!!! The PS4 is a more powerful console than its present competitors! The PS4 has better hardware on the insides than its present competitors! The PS4 is shown to be the more superior machine not only on paper, but real life applications when it comes to being a console where gaming is first and foremost! These are facts that can't be disputed.

How can I forget this detail?? The PS4 is cheaper in cost to its nearest competitor.

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Majin-vegeta1513d ago

Lol damage control at it;s finest.

If resolution doesn;t matter then why aren;t we still playing games with snes graphics??

ape0071513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

between 900p upscaled to 1080p and 1080p native, i don't see a difference honestly

im not damage controlling or anything, maybe it's just me, maybe i didn't give much thought about it

MasterCornholio1513d ago

The worst is when its a 720P image upscaled to 1080P. In my opinion it looks horrible and that shouldnt happen with a next gen console. However even though i can tell a difference between 900P and 1080P its so minor that it doesnt really bother me.

Fishy Fingers1513d ago

Get what your saying but resolution is not the be all end all of visual fidelity. There's a little bit more to it than that. SNES games would still look like s*** in 4k.

ape0071513d ago

absolutely, compare ghosts and bf4 on ps4, bf4 looks loads better

MadSientist891513d ago

it matters to me. it's all about personal preference.. you can't tell me what does or does not matter.. just like I cant do the same to you.

Sako1513d ago

It's still early on, and as has been pointed out countless times already; it seems as if the tables have simply turned since the last-gen console launch. Except Nintendo is now lagging behind

Godmars2901513d ago

Then why did the differences between the PS3 and 360 matter so much at the time, when those differences were often far smaller?

And usually in the 360's favor...?

Angels37851513d ago

MUCH smaller....last gen the pixel difference was always less that 10% if any and it was touted as a "huge" its almost 60-70%.....the difference is hardly apparent.....


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