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Emilio_Estevez1448d ago

Really nice month imo, I'm interested in all these titles and haven't played any of them.

Septic1448d ago

Same here. This is making my attempts to catch up with my back catalogue easier and difficult at the same time.

PS Plus <3

GarrusVakarian1448d ago

PS plus, giving me a reason to turn on my PS3. Gotta get dat Metro: Last Light.

But im not sure if i have the gonads to play Outlast on PS4, im a huge wimp when it comes to horror games.

Emilio_Estevez1448d ago

I see your same here and match it. Finally beat TLoU the other day in my attempts of dwindling my backlog down. It's not going so at least 15 games I've yet to play, yet alone beat. Looks like I'm gonna fall farther behind if I don't put some major time in soon.

rambi801448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

PS plus is starting to get me hard

Septic1448d ago

Lol no way. Good luck mate. I feel that pressure too.

Bought Dead Space 2 and Nino No Kuni the other day and I haven't played either still.

15 games though...I don't envy you. Bank in some sick days.

Emilio_Estevez1448d ago

DS2 didn't interest me enough to finish it.

I think I'm being a little light on 15 games; It's probably a lot higher than that but I don't keep count. My strategy right now is going for shorter games first. So I'm working on Brutal Legend (love Jack Black) and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2.

ABizzel11448d ago

If you have a PlayStation Vita or 3, or 4 and don't have PS+. WTF are you doing?


Eonjay1448d ago

They are just burying folks in games. Hard drives are begging for mercy. I'm gonna be smart and upgrade my PS4 HDD now before the floodgates open on PS4.

Eonjay1448d ago


Just wait a few weeks and check out Outlast on PS4 Live Stream. If you can make it through 10 minutes of streaming, try to play it!

TomShoe1448d ago

Oh my godddd Metro Last Ligghttttt


MODNATION!!!1!!1!!exclamation !1

I came

GarrusVakarian1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

@ Eonjay

I've watched my friends play it on their PC's before and felt like i was going to have a heart attack. I just can't handle tense, scary games. Im much more of a chilled out gamer, lol.

So yeah, i think i will pass on Outlast. Damn me and my lack of gonads.

scott1821448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

shizzz I want a ps vita... slim

bradfh1448d ago

holy shit best line up yet. Not one game I don't want to play. Only problem I don't know what game to play first.

pyramidshead1448d ago

Already playing through Metro as we speak. Sony overdelivering in value as per usual. My PS+ backlog is getting horrendous, and I always suffer from too much choice syndrome when I try and decide what to play, sometime I end up just playing nothing :/.

Obviously being in the right mood for a certain game helps :P.

Denethor_II1447d ago

"But im not sure if i have the gonads to play Outlast on PS4, im a huge wimp when it comes to horror games."

Yeah you wont like Outlast then.

cleft51447d ago

Wow February is an amazing month. All of these games are great or really interesting.

dantesparda1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Damn, i wanna play Outlast, but im kinda afraid too. LOL!

The rest of the games are all games i wanted to check out also, so good month for me

Giul_Xainx1447d ago

I hate rubbing it in the faces of XBL subs... but seriously..... You guys are paying to get ripped off. I guess my Vita will have a purpose to turn on this month after all.

FamilyGuy1447d ago

*Scratches head*

They're giving away so much...
I feel like I'm stealing an it makes me feel bad.

$50 a year and that's when you don't find some discount...
This month alone is worth more than that $50.

I'm so.. confused.
I knew about the other titles but seeing Remember Me suddenly on the list too and ModNationRacers Road trip.

Sony is just killing it.
They're killing my hard drive space too lol
and making me more loyal than I already was.

PS+ is amazing.

Aberdasher1447d ago

I wish my backlog consisted of only 15 games. Then life would not be so bad. Unfortunately however, it IS that bad. My backlog has spiralled so out of control that my chances at ever toppling it in this lifetime are very slim at best.

I am currently sitting at 380 unfinished/unplayed games and counting. Yes, 380. And it gets worse yet; a good chunk of those are RPGs which as we all know are hefty endeavours!

Here is my backloggery page, for anyone wanting to either laugh at my misery, or feel better about their own backlog.

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Palitera1448d ago

Indeed. Simply amazing!

godofboobees1448d ago

I expect everyone and their mother will be streaming outlast the day it arrives.I know I am

liquidhalos1447d ago

Does anyone know what we are getting in March?

cellur1111447d ago

We won't know until the end of the month.

liquidhalos1447d ago

That's a shame, we knew about don't starve and outlast well before they dropped

-EvoAnubis-1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Probably Secret Ponchos.

That or the PS Plus version of Driveclub if it's ready by then, which I doubt, but it IS possible.

Or maybe The Binding of Issac: Rebirth. I know it's coming, I just don't know when.

reaperofsouls1447d ago

Ps+ is just so much better than xbox games for OLD

tawak1447d ago

Meanwhile, Xbox live got free pinball........

FamilyGuy1447d ago

lol, PS4 also got free pinball so that kind of cancels each other out.

Skate-AK1447d ago

Haha. I have only played like 10 minutes of TLoU. Too many games. I still have a couple I bought a year ago but haven't played yet.

Aceman181447d ago

damn my backlog is getting bigger and bigger :( lol

sorry microsoft, but i'll be keeping my $100 and my PS3 with all the PS+ games, and JRPG exclusives dropping this year.

FamilyGuy1447d ago

I forgot all about that already!

$100 for a PS3 trade-in lmao. PS+ is worth that $100 and then some alone on a monthly basis.

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Hmm. None of these are for me.

GarrusVakarian1448d ago

Maybe if they were all Ninty titles they would be.


Why would I have ps+ if I only like ninty games?

Stick891448d ago

My disagree vote was misplaced. Glad to see someone just straight up admit "Hey these game's just aren't for me" instead of going the "OMG PS+ SUCKS THIS MONTH!!! **** Sony!!!"

Skate-AK1447d ago

Bummer. Metro Last Light is one of the best games I have ever played. Payday 2 is cool also. Can't wait to be robbing banks with that Sweet Tooth mask they released for free.

Aceman181447d ago

so why bother coming into an article about a company you care nothing about? just unnecessary fanboy crap for no damn reason SMDH.

gamer421447d ago

woah dude, calm down, he just said " Hmm. None of these are for me." not "LOL IS THIS IT SONY? DO YOU NOT CAR ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS?!?!?" if anyone is coming off as a fanboy, its you.

Aceman181447d ago


because all it does is cause fighting for no reason whatsoever. everyone here knows he always bashes Sony and its games so let's not try and spin this.

liquidhalos1447d ago

Curb your temper and shake your silly little head elsewhere. People are allowed to like or dislike whatever they want without your permission. Why are you being that defensive??

As for me, can't wait to play em, especially outlast

Aceman181447d ago


You actually think there was anger behind my comment? Hahaha man you couldn't be more wrong, if there was anger behind my comment I would have cussed him out and probably been banned hahaha.

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FamilyGuy1447d ago

Hey, there's 11 other months in the year for them to have some games you might like/want/not have yet. No worries.

What system/systems do you have?

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SpiralTear1448d ago

Definitely looking forward to Metro: Last Light and maybe even Remember Me, providing my hard drive isn't capped out with the other IGC games.

Stick891448d ago

Eh, once you "purchase" them they are always yours to re-download (as long as you're a plus member). So if you have good enough internet just delete ones you've finished, and download another.

cjflora1447d ago

I did that for awhile and it has been much nicer having them all there after adding space, but I'm getting tight again.

cjflora1447d ago

I just upgraded from 250GB to 500GB (it was free otherwise I would have bought 1TB) and I think I'm down to about 50GB left and I don't even have everything I could downloaded. I'm going to have to start pruning again soon...

Stick891447d ago

Yea I was rocking one around 600GB for a while but I started having to constantly delete stuff. I put a 1TB in though and it's good to go for a while.

djplonker1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

nice to see ps plus Na stepping up their game and matching eu in value


bioshock infinite

metro: ll


dynasty warriors next

mod nation racers

Christopher1448d ago

I knew I shouldn't have paid $10 for Remember Me :(

And, note to those new to it, play it on easy or normal mode first. Hardest difficulty is not fun and doesn't give you much chance to explore the lengthy combos.

Nitrowolf21448d ago

I am glad I held off on PayDay 2, almost bought it Yesterday XD. Same with Metro, and Rememebr Me I wanted to buy at launch, but I waited.

Septic1447d ago

Ah nice one. I always play on hard first so I won't do it this time. Cheers