Shadow of Mordor is Single Player Only, “Takes Place Entirely in Mordor”

OnlySP: Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Monolith’s upcoming third person action RPG, seems like a very interesting take on Tolkein’s Middle-Earth. Placing you in the role of the Ranger Talion, players will stealth, stalk, and kill their way through Sauron’s armies on a quest for vengeance.

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Meltic1632d ago

looks cool. Wonder when they release it

PockyKing1632d ago

Its certainly looking fun. The way the enemies are procedurally generated is pretty amazing.

Irishguy951632d ago

This game looks awesome.

Christopher1632d ago

The "takes place entirely in Mordor" tells me that the story might be very lacking then. And, based solely on the video gameplay we've seen so far, the game may seem very repetitive in that you go through different "stages" approaching everything the exact same way until you fight the "boss".

I'm not putting much hope into this game so far, but I hope to be proven wrong.

PockyKing1632d ago

Well the way I would look at is that they'll be able to focus on making Mordor as detailed as possible instead of spreading assets out through little areas like they did in War in the North.

Plus, if you read up on the game a bit more, the nemesis system they have in place is actually very complicated. There's a number of different ways to about completing objectives. Pretty sure they said the game is open-world as well.

GarrusVakarian1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

According to the poster of Middle Earth on my wall (yes, im a nerd), Mordor is approximately 400 miles across, i don't think there would be a lack of things to do or a lack of locations to set the story in....or am i misunderstanding your post?

Either way, im hyped for this. Anything LOTR/Tolkien needs to be in my veins......apart from the Hobbit movies *shudders*.

Christopher1632d ago

***i don't think there would be a lack of things to do or a lack of locations to set the story in....or am i misunderstanding your post? ***

This guy is not from Mordor. The whole game takes place in Mordor. There is no lead in to how he got there and it doesn't seem there will be any other elements that show true growth.

Furthermore, what growth he does have will be in Mordor where his targets are Uruk hai and the like who are not the type he socializes with or develops relationships with.

So, I don't see much of a story out of this considering it's all in Mordor and not about how he got there or the people who helped him get there and so on and when he is in Mordor I don't expect (or see how) there will be much a place for expounding on the storyline other than his own actions and not the "social interactions" with others.

Palitera1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )


You're assuming too many things in your posts. For instance: Who said that there will be no interaction with other friendly NPCs?

Also we do know why he is on the Gates of Mordor and why he does return there. It is actually the most basic info revealed on the storyline.

Calm down. This game might actually be very good.

Christopher1632d ago

***You're assuming too many things in your posts.***

My post is based on info we have so far. So... it's based on that.

***For instance: Who said that there will be no interaction with other friendly NPCs?***

The fact they have not mentioned any so far is what I'm going upon.

***Also we do know why he is on the Gates of Mordor and why he does return there. It is actually the most basic info revealed on the storyline.***

Right, and is revealed outside of the game so far and as they mentioned, will not be really expanded upon much in the game since it "will take place solely in Mordor".

***Calm down. This game might actually be very good.***

Did you not read the last sentence of my original post? And, calm down? Do you somehow see me like this at my keyboard right now or something?

Baka-akaB1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

"The "takes place entirely in Mordor" tells me that the story might be very lacking then."

It hints the opposite to me actually . It mean it can be free of the constraint found with other games merely following the original team from the Fellowship , or having adventures alongside or right being them .

Mordor was left quite intact and unexplored , bare the travel from the likes of Frodo and Sam , so there is quite lots of potential there .

I prefer that to the usual poor man's world tour of the Tolkien verse , and cheap knock off of the fellowship's team , bound to fail and find doom within their mission .

The hero from Mordor will obviously not free the place from Sauron's influence , but he could be an secret helping hand , like Starkiller in the first Force Unleashed , or meet doom too , but in a more remote and interesting way

christrules00411631d ago

We barely have even seen Mordor. We saw the inside of it when the doors opened in the major battle in The Return of the King. Plus we saw Frodos view of it but besides that it's very open for a new story.

antz11041631d ago

Mordor in this time frame is the equivalent of the settled frontier, at the verge of Saurons forces returning to reclaim the land. That could pose for a pretty good story. The main character is from Mordor, and is killed defending it.

I think its a little presumptuous to call the game repetitive based on one gameplay video showcasing the combat.

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on_line_forever1632d ago

i like the gameplay of this game

and i wish skyrim have the same gameplay in 3rd person view

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SixtyNine1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

I haven't played a Lord of the Rings game in forever. I think the spell will finally be broken once Shadow of Mordor releases. Single-player only? Just my cup of tea.

Neonridr1632d ago

last LOTR games I played were the Battle for Middle Earth games on PC. Excited for a new GOOD game set in Tolkien's universe.

SixtyNine1632d ago

The last ones I played were the ones on the PS2. The movie based games. I had so much fun with those.

CocoWolfie1632d ago

yeah i was like mmo?.. but nope, looks pretty sweet :p

rafaman1632d ago

LOTR is about cooperation. It makes no sense to be single player only.

Palitera1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

To be fair, Tolkien's lore is full of quests done by one creature alone. Turin Turambar, Luthien, Fingolfin, for instance.

Actually, some of the best stories are about "one (wo)man armies".

rafaman1632d ago

Would be much more fun in co-op

toxic-inferno1632d ago

Just because it's single player doesn't mean it will be entirely about a single character waging their own war.

While a lot of the Middle Earth universe tends to involve stories that revolve around a group of characters working together, the stories also very often involve said characters spending considerable amounts of time alone.

MightyNoX1632d ago

One does not simply play co-op in Mordor

*gets booed off stage*

Awww---come on, you were all thinking it. ;(

Summons751632d ago

Fine with me get a fresh look at Mordor and not every game needs multiplayer, have no idea why this argument is starting to pop up again. From the gameplay it looks like there is going to be a lot of strategizing to be considered, I don't want to set up a plan and have someone else screw it all up. Rangers seem to work alone anyway so it makes sense that you wouldn't have some idiots following you around, especially when you're sneaking behind enemy lines.

PockyKing1632d ago

Personally, I enjoyed War in the North for what it was even if it got repetitive, but the three player coop was just bad. I would have much rather played the game alone. When you went down in that game and they tried to revive you, they'd just stand there and take hits and die and then you'd have to start over again. Very very aggravating especially considering the game was pretty challenging in the first place. Enemies took way way too many hits.

rafaman1631d ago

It is all about who you play co-op with. I would never screw your plans, as a matter of fact lol

You must find better co-op friends. ;)

Summons751631d ago

Lol I have those true coop partners who work I work well with but that's very few and I don't see them much.

SixtyNine1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )


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