Mantle renderer now available in Battlefield 4

The new game update for Battlefield 4 brings the Mantle renderer that DICE has developed in conjunction with AMD. With this first release of Mantle, you can expect performance increases in the game if you have the hardware to support it. In this blog post, the Technical Director for Frostbite details this exciting new step for the Battlefield series.

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OpinionSmasher1632d ago

the way i see it AMD is now catching up with Nvidia but sadly nvidia is still advancing to quickly for AMD to keep advancing, take G-Sync for example it will single handidly change video games forever yet only Nvidia will hold this power.

Kennytaur1632d ago

Dynamic refreshrate is soon to be a standard in monitors as the new upcoming standard of displayport supports it. This will mean it'll be commonplace in the not too distant future. Nvidia simply gets a head start.

kevnb1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

and too much $$$, Who wants to shell out for a new video card and a new $400 monitor?

kB01632d ago

@ kevnb

They are called enthusiasts.

dontbhatin1632d ago

I just ordered a R9 270x! talk about timing. lol

OpinionSmasher1632d ago

AMD is and never will beat Nvidia its simple they simply do not revolutionize as quickly and at such magnitude as Nvidia.