What’s Wrong With Nintendo?

Critically Sane examines the root causes of Nintendo recent struggles.

CS: "Everyone seems to have different theories on what Nintendo’s problem truly is. Some think that the solution relies on pushing out core entries in their mainstay franchises. While others think that the solution relies on Nintendo creating new properties. Then there are some that feel the problem lies within the price of the WiiU hardware or that Nintendo’s online system is archaic and scares away new people. While each of these is an issue for Nintendo, none of them are broad enough to actually be the root problem."

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RPG_Lover1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Nothing is "wrong" with Nintendo, they made all the right moves last night.

But like every game company, they make mistakes. 2013 was still an incredibly good year for Nintendo.

CriticallySane1627d ago

Except for the fact that it was their second consecutive year of showing an operating loss. Meaning as a corporation, the year was a failure (though I'd agree they had some stellar releases).

RPG_Lover1627d ago

Yeah thats not good. But from a gamer perspective no company had a better year.

Dunban671626d ago

Are you serious? Even Nintendo has acknowledged there is "something wrong" with Nintendo

As far as Iwata s "plan", it was mostly open ended talk w little to no detail and/or timeline

Their biggest problem now (among many many other problems) is 1) they can t seem to get games released and they have not made alternate arrangements to fill out their library for the Wii-u
2) They do not communicate w current and prospective Wii U owners re their "game problem" . After all Iwata s talk all w can take away from it that is concrete is he announced that Mario Kart would releases in May (if it is not delayed of course).

What about the rest of the 1st half of 2014= Is DKTF and Mario Kart basically it? Are we looking at another huge software drought? Iwata did not say a word about it-

klecser1627d ago

Its target demographic is not YOU. That is what you find wrong with Nintendo.

CriticallySane1627d ago

This article isn't about the games- which were great- it's about another year where they massively failed to meet sales expectations, and what directions they should take as a corporation.

wonderfulmonkeyman1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

IMO, the solution lies in a combination of viral advertising and announcing games sooner rather than later via more frequent Nintendo Direct presentations.
If they really wanna go the extra mile though, they'll offer main stream advertisement opportunities for Indie games that come to their system.
If they offered to put up TV ads for games like shovel knight and cryamore, paid for entirely out of their own pockets, indies would flock to nintendo like never before.

kariyanine1627d ago

Indies might flock there but do indies really sell hardware? I'm not sure that if ads for Shovel Knight were on TV that it would make people flock out and buy the system.

wonderfulmonkeyman1626d ago

Indie games are usually smaller and a bit more simple [not always, but usually] than games built by more well-known devs with money backing them.

To me, due to that simplistic yet fun side to them, I feel they might be enough to draw in people who like casual games, even though they're not all casual games.

Besides, I don't think indie game advertisement on TV has been done before.
We'll never know the effects of such a move for sure unless someone tries it first.
And who needs the potential positive results more than Nintendo right now, ya know?

If I were in charge of Nintendo's marketing, I'd take the risk.
It's minimal damage and lots of potential as far as I see it.

REDBEARD1627d ago

''Whats right with Nintendo?''


Kos-Mos1627d ago

Crap article. Voted site down.

Kos-Mos1627d ago

Cry me a river. Shouldn`t people be allowed to have short shorts burst-outs about crap?

kariyanine1626d ago

Your burst out adds nothing to the discussion though. It's an opinion, possibly a valid one, that doesn't lay any support for itself. At best, your comment is a waste of your time, at worst though, it's a waste of other people's time, which is worse than any "crap article" on any site.

Kos-Mos1626d ago

What discussion? Why can`t people express themselves?
You`re about to look like a fool now.