EA and Respawn Unveil Official Line of Titanfall Merchandise

This maneuver was inevitable considering the amount of positive press Titanfall has received by the gaming industry and gamers all over the planet. The official merchandise will be of the typical video game variety with Turtle Beach Xbox One headsets and Mad Catz peripherals leading the way. Head on down below for the full list of official Titanfall merchandise.

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Sayai jin1544d ago

Pretty sweet. They are launching a lot of merchandise for this game.

HAMM3RofBUDDHA1544d ago

The Mad Catz gear looks awesome. Especially the mouse.

SIX1544d ago

Dat Microsoft marking money!! I gotta give it to MS. They are the best when it comes to this sort of thing.

Arkardo1544d ago

EA and MS trying to get the most out of the hype, who would think?

With the Ps3 for 100$ you can buy an official artbook, how generous...

The Meerkat1544d ago

Its good that EA now own Mass Effect or else someones ass would be getting sued.

GentlemenRUs1544d ago

Question: Why? Why make all this stuff?

Septic1544d ago

Because fans will buy them?

pandehz1544d ago

Its nice to have the option.

Also the choice belongs to the customer.

CNCOMICS1543d ago

They're really going all out for Titanfall; and it's a new, unreleased IP on top of that.

hoju691543d ago

I was thinking the same thing. It had better live up to the hype or else they're all gonna look like idiots.