Why 'Fable Anniversary' is not launching on the Xbox One

With the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on store shelves many find it hard to return to the now last generation of consoles in the Xbox 360 and PS3. However, that isn't stopping some developers from releasing exclusively on the older platforms. Fable Anniversary, which releases on February 4 in North America, is one of those many titles that falls into that category. In our exclusive interview with Lead Designer Tim Timmins, the Lionhead Studios employee shared the reasoning behind this decision.

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djplonker1483d ago

Because they still need to support last gen for awhile and the 360 lacked exclusives near the end of last gen...

the ps3 has 15+ exclusives on the way this year and xbox will be lucky to get 5

thecowsaysmoo1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

This could have been a good reason why to own an xbox one.


It is pointless supporting xbox 360 with exclusives at this point considering if you didn't want a 360 before with all its exclusive you probably wont purchase one at this point.

Dlacy13g1483d ago

No doubt there will be some kind of Fable Triology HD version , etc... for XO in the future but for now this is a great pick up for those that may not have grabbed it originally.

Regis1483d ago

It is on microsoft's list to bring out a bundle of all three games for X1 or X360

GusBricker1483d ago

They should've done both.

TheBrit1483d ago

Urm I turn to my 360 (s) because I do not own an xbox one nor a PS4 and nor will I until there is somthing absolutely next gen and mind blowing out there.

right now the games are just rehashes of other games with some prettier graphics - that's not next gen at all.

Will wait a few months before thinking about turning away from my 360. (prob won't even turn away from it when I do buy an XB1 or PS4)