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OnlySP: Unearthed is a blatant copy and paste title that should have been kept buried from its lack of creativity, efficient sound work, fluid animation, current generation graphics, and proper controls.

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G20WLY1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Uncharted killer and possible GOTY? :P

PockyKing1328d ago

...I kinda felt bad for our reviewer having to review this...

G20WLY1328d ago

Jeez, sounds awful!

Uncharted wannabe and possible WGOTY? :/

GentlemenRUs1328d ago

Uncharted ripoff... Nothing doubting it.

kneon1328d ago

I give it a 1/10 without even playing the game just becuase of the the blatant attempt to ride on the popularity of uncharted.

WhatchaTalkinBout1328d ago

where does one this rip off, i have yet to find it in the ps store

PockyKing1328d ago

It's on the EU and Asia stores, not US.

WhatchaTalkinBout1328d ago

ah yes, i looked it up and your right, thanks.. curious why its not in the US store

PockyKing1328d ago

Probably no way in hell it would pass our laws regulating plagarism etc.

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