Mario Kart 8 Releasing in May; Nintendo Expects it to Boost Wii U Momentum

Good news! You won't have to wait very long for Mario Kart 8 to be released. Once given a nebulous "Spring" release window, the title is now confirmed to be launching in May. Sure, that's not as good as, say, an actual release date, but it's better than nothing! Plus, Nintendo isn't doing great right now, and Mario Kart Wii sold, like, a zillion copies (or 34 million, if you care), so every little bit helps.

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ritsuka6661362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

I think i can say that Wii U will have sold about 20M by the end of this year, if Mario Kart 8 do there job. Lets not forget about Hyrule Warriors and if we are lucky Zelda U in the holidays?

Chris5581361d ago ShowReplies(1)
abzdine1361d ago

Dear Nintendo

Bundle it with the console, make a marketing campaign so people UNDERSTAND what Wii U is and it's success guaranteed!!

KonsoruMasuta1361d ago


A Mario Kart bundle would be great.

king_george1361d ago

Agreed. A mariokart bundle would really push those sales for awhile. Another game they could do that with is smash bros

link2Dpast1361d ago

yea and put in a figure of mario in his kart, that will definitely push people to buy it, shoot if you can and its inexpensive a mini remote control mario lol

ABizzel11361d ago

That means they need to sell 14.5 million more consoles in a year. It's possible considering the PS3 / 360 were selling in the 10+ million range pretty much each year.

But considering where the Wii U is, now it's not happening, unless there's a bundle, they have an amazing E3 (Pokemon MMO, Zelda, Metroid, New Mature IP's, and more), Ambassador program up until August, and a price drop down to $250 in September, and a HUGE marketing campaign. With all that they might just break 10 million, but I doubt they'll sell 14 - 15 million even with all that.

2014 is make or break for the Wii U.

ritsuka6661361d ago

10 million sales minimum for Mario Kart 8 is a guarantee the way I see it.

Dunban671361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

Ritsuka666: If every current Wii u owner bought. 2 Copies of Mario Kart it would sell 10 million

TripC501362d ago

Hey, I love Nintendo but they messed up with the Wii U in the marketing department. I personally believe the Wii U should of had a different name (or at least drop the "Wii" and leave the U). Anyway, I have one and it's awesome. If the Wii U dies within a year or Nintendo explodes or whatever, I know that I can at least hang my hat on the notion that I will get about 5 MORE awesome games, this year, that can't be experienced on anything else. Thanks Nintendo, keep being U.

ritsuka6661362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Wii U will be fine just give more time for Nintendo.

TripC501362d ago

I hope the Wii U does great. I'm just saying if it can't recover I'm okay with it because there are still some sweet games coming. I personally Can't wait for X, Zelda (not Hyrule Warriors the new Legend of Zelda game), and Mario Kart 8.

Sayai jin1362d ago

@Trip-Ninty just needs to adapt to the industry faster. They acknowledged their shortcomings and are making smart changes. I think they will be fine/

TripC501362d ago

It's going to be interesting how they go about making those smart changes. I like to think they have a bombshell up their sleeves (Thinking about Miyamoto's unannounced new IP)

Sayai jin1362d ago

Can't wait for him to announce that IP!

HappyWithOneBubble1361d ago

They better advertise it to death then and they can start with Super Bowl.

WeAreLegion1361d ago

I doubt we'll see PlayStation or Nintendo ads at the Superbowl. The Xbox One is the "Official Console of the NFL". -_-

KillrateOmega1361d ago

All the sports. All the TV.

mediate-this1361d ago

Does not matter if xbone is official sponspr of nfl, cause i believe fox is showing the super bowl. Who ever is willing to pay fox for that million dollar spot is getting the spot, now in the super bowl the actual game playing, they will say brought to you by xbone, those are the nfls sponsors. Nfl's sponsors n the fox sponsors are diff, some similiar but some diff

ScubaSteve11361d ago

they said the same thing for Pikmin 3, Zelda Wind Waker HD, Super MArio 3d world

JohnnyTower1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

Historically Mario Kart has been a bestseller on most Nintendo platforms. They just need good timing for release. Super Mario 3d didn't have a chance, being dropped same time as X1 and PS4.
@steve yes Mk is A bestseller. Not the only one. But it looks like ssb will help bolster their 2014 roster.

ScubaSteve11361d ago

really? i thought smash brothers was

Yodagamer1361d ago

People said that about pikmin 3 and zelda? I don't recall that at all, in fact people were surprised when it did sell systems in japn.

JohnnyTower1361d ago

Nicely done Nintendo. Now tell the people about it.

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