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DICE's Latest Update for Battlefield 4 Cuts Sound in Certain Game Modes

DICE is currently rolling out another title update for Battlefield 4 but some users have reported that sound cuts out in certain modes. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

csreynolds  +   618d ago
Lukas_Japonicus  +   617d ago
How can a bunch of professional/qualified men and women be this incompetent?
venom06  +   617d ago
people are so lame on this N4G site... they are SO comsumed with anything negative concerning BF4 and run as FAST as they can to put up a lame-ass negative article about ONE issue in this huge patch that fixed multiple issues.. WHERE'S THE ARTICLE TALKING ABOUT ALL THE IMPROVEMENTS TO THE OVERALL EXPERIENCE??? oh that's right, that'll be too much like right for someone to do an article like that. BTW, the devs have already said that a fix is already in the works for that 1 issue.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   617d ago

Calm down bro, i have over 110 hours played on BF4 on PS4. The game is great when it works. Doesn't change the fact that EA and DICE are for the most part incompetent.

Bugs and Glitches to rival Bethesda, releasing an incomplete game, minimal QA testing, patches that do the opposite of what they are supposed to, unbalanced guns, campaign data gone missing....the list goes on.

Everyone else makes games with a fraction of the amount of problems this had, why can't DICE/EA? It's not as if they have an overly complicated/large game world like Skyrim or GTA5 to pin the blame on either....they rushed it out to release before CoD and are now feeling the backlash, and rightfully so.
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Nitrowolf2  +   617d ago

Probably because most of the time I Play, despite there being improvements, the game still crashes from time to time.

The game was rushed, PERIOD. These issues are what, 3-4 months now??

The game has already been praised by reviewers and MANY WHEN IT WORKS.
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3-4-5  +   617d ago
Poor Leadership.

It starts at the top.
donman1  +   617d ago
Damn...They fix something and break something else. Makes me feel this game was rushed to market when it needed a few more months to get it right.
csreynolds  +   617d ago
It was. Word from credible sources is EA knew this game wasn't ready and shipped it anyway. I feel a bit sorry for DICE in a way, but then they release a patch that, to borrow your words, breaks something else. I mean WTF?

I'm currently shoving this under the noses fo anyone at DICE I can in hope SOMEONE will notice and take action:

syne49  +   618d ago
Good gosh Dice...
JoGam  +   617d ago
So glad I got my Platinum in BF4 this game was a pain to play with all the issues. I moved on to Killzone SF
Majin-vegeta  +   618d ago
Forums are going sh*t over this right now.

Lukas_Japonicus  +   617d ago
Lol yeah. This made me laugh:

"I'm kinda scared to put the disc in".
Majin-vegeta  +   617d ago
Don;t think the update has gone live on PS4 yet.I tried but didn;t give me an update.

Edit:Nvm it just went live.
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PR_FROM_OHIO  +   617d ago
Damn DICE and EA are just made for each other smfh!!!!!! BF4 will be the last game i will ever buy from EA what a joke!!
bohemian 23  +   617d ago
Welcome to the future of gaming! Release broken games, fix them later, or not?
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Grave  +   617d ago
Next up for EA: Want sound in a game? That's gonna cost you extra.

I kid, I kid! :-)
HarryB  +   617d ago
DLC SOUND KIT exclusive for microsoft. ps4 might not even get any sound.

ALSO a sound beta is in the works lol.
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sergons  +   617d ago
the last patch for ps4 brings new feature, rubberbanding in Dragon pass map.
ExPresident  +   617d ago
Lemme put my shocked face on... oh wait.

When you have no faith in EA or DICE anymore its much easier to not get to excited over something being jacked up on release. Maybe we'll see a completed version of BF4 by the end of the year.
Whitey2k  +   617d ago
Its been like that on the ps4 before the update
LetoAtreides82  +   617d ago
BF4 was my first BattleField game, next time I will wait for stability reports from users first before I buy the next BattleField game.

BF4 is great when it works, but the bugs happen too often or at least it did when I last played it about a month ago. Game was definitely not ready at release.
Mr7Beans  +   617d ago
I just played 4 rounds in all China Rising maps and i like this patch so far, no crashes at all, and no sound bug here, i know this comment with receive many 'disagrees' but whatever..
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