'Assassin's Creed': Present day setting is 'not the point' of the series

For a series that is famous for taking us back in time to some of the most interesting, historic time periods in history, Assassin's Creed has always seemed to have some sort of underlying expectation from fans that the series needed to eventually be set in the future.

That may be what some fans want, but Ubisoft does not want to go there as a main setting. Recently, veteran Assassin's Creed writer Darby McDevitt talked about how Ubisoft believes the present day setting is important, but it should not ever be the main focus of a game.

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-Foxtrot1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Really...even though when AC was a trilogy you said how we would play as Desmond in the present day, now it's not the point of the series.

Look they've included modern sections in the games now they may as well try to make them work...they took a step back in AC4, playing a boring old first person sections was not fun at all, especially a no name character. Desmond wasn't perfect but at least he was a somebody.

We should of been playing Desmond's father or mother in the present sections, going into the Animus to find a way to stop Juno. Hell they could bring Desmond back if they wanted, the tec the first people had is amazing, it could do anything.

I still believe deep down that at it's very early stages of development WatchDogs was AC3 but they turned it into a new IP after they moved away from the trilogy idea.

RuleNumber51660d ago

Agreed with most of what you said, although I sort of doubt the last part about AC3 becoming Watch Dogs. That's a hell of a stretch and I think Ubisoft even said Watch Dogs was going to be a car game that was in fact turned into an open-world title.

-Foxtrot1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Well put it this way WatchDogs started development in 2009, the same year AC2 was released...knowing Ubisoft especialy with a trilogy in mind they like to get the jump so they have more time to develop the game....HOWEVER I'm guessing a few months after releasing AC2 they saw how much the franchise was selling and decided to turn it into an annual franchise. It's stated that AC3 started development in 2010 so who is to say they had a change of heart with their present game and decided to turn it into a new IP while starting up AC3 later on in January 2010.

They most likely got a huge team together to get AC Brotherhood out in 2010 using AC2 assets and cut content (Rome was apparently cut from AC2) so they could have the release plan they have now.

It's not impossible to think they had a change of heart when they realised how much of a money maker the franchise was.

Mr Pumblechook1659d ago

AC IV is a fantastic game but I think the present day 'wrapper' is spoiling the series.
The problem is Ubisoft seemed to be confused about what to do with it and the connection between the present day and past has become more contrived. In earlier games there was a DNA connection between Desmond and Altair & Ezio, but in IV there is no connection and the Edward Kenway story is just a computer game. Why do the games set in the past have to be a game and not real?

CynicalKelly1659d ago

I really wish they would stop forcing the present day parts on us. It's so boring and I cringe every time I have to deal with it.

AusRogo1659d ago

I hate the stupid hacking sequences in Black Flag with a passion!

STICKzophrenic1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

What is the point of the series then?

Present day was used as a vehicle to get to the past and memories. Present day was a big enough part that the Templars and Assassin's are searching for the same stuff and still feuding in the present day.

I really don't think Ubisoft knows where they want to take the franchise. There are a lot of people, myself included, that thoroughly enjoy the present day aspect.

It almost seems like they they may have had an ending for everything, and then they realized they wanted it to become a yearly franchise and didn't know what to do because of the fans that still enjoy present day segments.

I can tell you one thing, AC4 may have killed the franchise for me. They attempted to keep present day relevant, but they really didn't.


They all but eliminated the Assassin's from the memories. Edward met some Assassin's and helped some Assassin's, but he never even became one. Black Flag was a great pirate and naval game, but it SUCKED as an Assassin's Creed game.

Thatlalala1659d ago

Agreed. The whole time..... Was like okay so he stole an outfit and he's a legendary Assasian? Ezio would slap the shit out of his great, great, great grandson?

kiz26941659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

I understand what he means. I have played the AC games to experience a really detailed and realistic historic period in time. I experience the real world every day. I would rather dive into a game that has a historic setting and to see that world back then.

GuruMeditation1659d ago

I totally get your point, but if your everyday is half as interesting as the present day of Desmond, can we swap lives for a bit? You can do my tax returns and everything!

Thatlalala1659d ago

The grass is always greener.

stuntman_mike1659d ago

i think the story got so convoluted that they didn't know where the story was going, why have a modern day part where the main character had the abilities of the past just to let it all go without a wimper.

now its just gonna be a "oh which historical moment in time would be good to play" with out any continuity.

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