Brand Power — Helping You Buy Better?

Quote: "Nowadays we don’t so much see singular games as we do potential franchises, with the likes of BioShock: Infinite throwing up an ambiguous war that then justifies the boardgame that releases later for it, or Assassin’s Creed games omitting parts of story to be covered as separate books; prequels, spinoffs, expansions and so on. Licenses? Or brands, with their very own brand power."

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miyamoto1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Where is your loyalty oriented - towards a successful brand-name or towards the truth?

Technology is at the heart of everything

Kutaragi: Surely the number of such engineers is on the decrease. I am clearly aware of such circumstances.

I am concerned about the engineers being brand name-oriented. I say to myself, can't they be more pure? They are the creators, creating something is what matters and technology lies at the backbone.

My belief is that technology is at the core of everything.For instance, when conducting questionnaires to science and technological students to find out what companies they want to work for, Sony wins the top place. Why would they want to work for Sony? At my time, Sony and Matsushita Electric Industrial were unpopular and the company the students most wanted to work for was NTT. But nowadays, we sometimes see Japan Air Lines rank to the top. I say to myself why Japan Air Lines? If the students were researching on aeromechanics and desired to make airplanes, wouldn't Lockheed Martin Corp. likely to be their most preferred destination?

By reviewing the results of the ranking survey, the students just seem to be participating in a popular vote or even what's-cool vote.

Pursuing after brands is surely not the right thing those students should be looking for.

This is why I choose the PlayStation because its heart lies in video games technology, not gimmicks, not cashing in on trends and for the sake of stealing market share, not big corporate grandstanding.