One Feature for 2014: NBA LIVE 15

GoodGameBro writes, "For the complaints that have been lodged against NBA 2K14, it’s clear that NBA LIVE 14 has suffered far worse in the court of public opinion since EA SPORTS finally managed to get a game in the series out for public consumption. After a multi-year hiatus during which the development team attempted to release a simulation basketball game on two occasions without success, NBA LIVE 14’s biggest success was simply getting out the door.

If NBA LIVE is meant to continue on as a viable title going forward, however, significant improvements and better design decisions will need to happen sooner rather than later."

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TomShoe1482d ago

I know that NBA Live has been terrible, and any other year, I would have told them to stop making these.

However, NBA2K is getting dictatorial with the 2K series. They've added the stupid VC, and made it a requirement to do just about everything in the game. It's ridiculous. The game is essentially online only.

I hope Live can get more competitive with 2K to actually make them work to please the gamer more.

badboy7761482d ago

Stop supporting Madden. So we can get NFL 2K Back.

R1CAN6171482d ago

Yeah the VC has gotten out of hand but what live needs is a career mode

gedden71481d ago

Yeah sorry but its not gonna happen. If NBA Live follows the same progression as madden did then THE LAST GAME OF THIS NEW GENERATION MIGHT BE AS GOOD AS NBA 2K14...

Yes Madden 14 is just now catching up to NFL 2k5. Not talking about graphics but CORE fundamentals of football and animation are just now getting up to par with a xbox game...

EA is a joke when it come to NBA and NFL. The NHL and FIFA are okay though..

Akuma2K1482d ago

NBA Live is dead, can't compare to NBA2K14....2K football is coming back, we'll hear the announcement feb 3rd...

Kevin263851482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Good luck with that. EA just said in their conference call that they have "a number of years" left on their license.

The rumors are false:

Akuma2K1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

If the license was exclusive the news will be splattered all over gaming news sites and on espn and nothing has been posted anywhere, EA is just doing damage control because they know the nfl license is about to open up.

Also operationsports is a EA sponsored forum, what do you expect.

Kevin263851481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

@Akuma2K This is an existing contract. Why in the world would NFL and ESPN cover this topic the week of the Super Bowl?

I will revisit on February 3rd when 2K announces their NFL game.