AMD's Ruby Tech Demo - Two More Images Surface

DSOGaming writes: "Lots of AMD-related news today. Two new images that showcase the new Ruby model have surfaced. AMD’s new Ruby tech demo is powered by CRYENGINE and takes advantage of TressFX tech."

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john21627d ago

Indeed. Can't wait to see the latest version of this tech demo in action

3-4-51627d ago

The face looks realistic. It's not perfect, and slightly non aligned like a lot of humans face.

Humans have a different left and right side of the face.

This is one of the first faces in a game that accurately depicts that.

chobit_A5HL3Y1627d ago

i wish some of these tech demos were made into games or at least used the characters :/ i really liked that one with the robot girl from last year~ i thought it was a new game but it turned out to only be a tech demo :[

JohnnyTower1627d ago

Now that looks next-gen. Too bad she wasn't animated. I would love to see it in motion.

1nsomniac1627d ago

...Has she got a slightly boss eye?