Feature: Three Reasons Why You Should Skip the PS Vita Slim and Snag the Original

Push Square: "As predicted, Sony announced the PlayStation Vita Slim for the UK and Europe earlier today. The redesigned handheld will release on 7th February and will replace the existing model of the pocketable platform. Already available in Japan, the overhauled hardware is approximately 20 per cent smaller than its ageing accomplice. It also boasts a more efficient battery and 1GB of on-board storage – enough to ensure that you won’t need a memory card to play retail games. However, this all comes at the cost of the original iteration’s illustrious OLED screen, which was a primary selling point for the original device."

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Mikey322301511d ago

I have yet to get my hands on the Vita Slim, but the ONLY things that really make me want one are actually pretty simple:

1)The Rounded/Raised PS Button.
2)Battery Life

The Vita OS/Multitasking revolves around Pressing the PS button a lot. And on the current Model Vita, i really dislike how the PS button feels. You have to push the physical button deep in each time you want to switch apps and multitask. Its just not satisfying to me, and i know it might be picky.

The buttons on the new Vita look slightly raised like they took care of this issue.

Just my personal opinion, anyone else?

SixtyNine1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

As for me, I bought my slim from play Asia because:

1) It's lighter and more comfortable to hold because of the rounded build. It now feels like a handheld system to should feel, Comfortable.

2) Improved battery life

3) LCD Screen is a more reliable screen for the LONG TERM. And the screen quality is almost as good as the OLED. Perfect Trade-off in my opinion.

4) Rear touch-pad has been made smaller to minimise accidental inputs. Buttons feel better to press.

5) A universal USB charger will do fine for your Vita Slim. (If you've already got a smartphone, even better)

I've got both the Original VITA and Slim. Now, What shall I do with my original VITA?

dcb771511d ago

How about the larger start buttons. Those are great too

Lord_Sloth1511d ago

Had a Vita since Launch. Keeping it. TOUKIDEN FTW!!!!

dcb771511d ago

I have the vita slim and I think it's great. Much lighter and more comfortable in your hands. The battery does last longer too. The screen is not as much of a down side as people think. I turn the brightness up higher and the graphics and video play are still top notch

CallDaCheeseBox1511d ago

Same here dude. Very happy with my slim.

Mikey322301511d ago

how are the PS button/ start select buttons compared to the original?

CallDaCheeseBox1511d ago

Idk if I'm responding to your comment the right way because I've only posted a couple of times. Lol

The start and select buttons raise about a millimeter or so above the surface of the device and are VERY clicky (in a good way) and responsive. The PS button feels the same, but only raises about half a millimeter from the surface.

Unlike the old model, which required you to "dig in" a bit to press the bottons, these are very easy to access. Of course the PS button no longer lights up, instead it is replaced with a notification light on the top of the system.

Hope this answered your question.

lordstark1508d ago

Any word on cheaper memory cards from 3rd party manufacturers or are we forced to pay the rape prices that Sony is charging for there 32 gig cards ??