Sony: inFamous has "significant demand", will be "good to have" against TitanFall

GearNuke: "The huge success of PlayStation 4 is surely a good news for Sony. As with most popular platforms, Sony also has plans to support the hardware with software. SCE UK's managing director Fergal Gara is quite confident in their upcoming software lineup for PlayStation 4."

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TomShoe1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

In before:

"Titanfall sold more so it must be better! XD"

"Stupid, InFamous:SS is only on PS4 so that's an unfair comparison. Besides, your game looks ugly."

"Have you SEEN Titanfall?"

"Have you SEEN Infamous?"



etc, etc...

Palitera1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

You really should do more of these...

Funny bubble.

Majin-vegeta1328d ago

You forgot my all time favorite

"1080 stretched>1080 Native" xD

OT:Can't wait for this game.

truefan11328d ago

Must everything be a comparison, there are so many factors that go into sales. Not to mention we are comparing a FPS to an Action Adventure game. Titanfall is going to sell a ton, as well as Infamous. The difference is people probably bought an XB1 this early because of Titanfall, I don't believe that is the complete case for Infamous.

NewMonday1328d ago

inFAMOUSSS is the game I keep thinking about while playing other games

mediate-this1328d ago

Pretty sure you stated it, as you are the second reply on this thread/post. So...yaaa

quaneylfc1328d ago

The sad thing is: this will happen soon hahaha

idontcare1328d ago

Dude calm down, i think Titanfall looks really cool and so does Infamous.

I think the action in Titanfall is very intense and doesn't stop. Watching alpha gameplay feels like watching the first trailer.

But to each his own!

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31328d ago

"Good to have"? At the moment, it's the only thing y'all have...

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georgeenoob1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

I personally don't think it will compete since they're two different genres and Titanfall appeals to much more gamers. Stand-by.

pyramidshead1328d ago

@george your comments seem tired and I feel like you're not trying any more. :(

KillrateOmega1328d ago


Guys, don't feed the troll. The best way to fight him is to let him starve.

Freedomland1328d ago


Because georgeenoob has to deal many accounts on N4G at the same time.

idontcare1328d ago

yes i think Titanfall will appeal to more gamers but who cares. it's not about sales it's about having fun.

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antz11041328d ago

Infamous 1 and 2 were two of my favorites from this/last gen but they are two totally different genres.

Palitera1328d ago

I thought about it this week, when I was deciding whether to buy also a XB1 or keep only with the PS4 for now.

Titanfall+DR3 vs Infamous.

Infamous, obviously.

Charybdis1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

I would like to go for both, sadly I have to maintain somewhat of a budget.

As I tend to spend more time with multi player games titan-fall does has my preference.

killzone6191328d ago

because you only have a ps4?

hellzsupernova1328d ago

Infamous is going to get killed in sales by titanfall. Wish that wasn't the case but Microsoft plus ea marketing push is going to be massive!

Infamous would be my personal choice but then first games were never that massive in terms of sales. Hopefully it does as well as killzone shadow fall, sucker punch deserve the recognition

static3601328d ago

lets face it do you really have a choice when you have playstation4?

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CocoWolfie1328d ago

the more great games the merrier

THC CELL1328d ago

Infamous all the way, ea can kiss it. Battlefield has put me right off ea fps

MetaReapre1328d ago

Just battlefield? Just my opinion, but because of so many fps's in last gen I want anything but fps's to come out... The more other genres that come out the better.

THC CELL1328d ago

Battlefield is the only ea game I played last gen. I was alway on uncharted last of is war hawk starhawk and infamous killzone and more.

mediate-this1328d ago

There are just as many tps as there fps? Not quite sure if your being serious... Or if your trolling...

MetaReapre1328d ago

I am being serious, and you are right about the 3rd person shooters too but i am just sick of these fast action shooter games in general. Sure killzone can be fun and others like CoD can be a great competitive fun, but seriously, what happened to the take the calm approach, sneak around and try not to end up in a combat. Last of Us was great for that, but I find that too many games these days you can just solve the problem with going in "guns-a-blazin'" . I like games like dark souls, metal gear solid, ext. Games that make you take a step back and make you think about what your going to do about the situation at hand. I just don't like fast paced action that to me seems pretty mindless because all it is is whoever has the fastest reaction time wins.


i need a reason to turn on my xbox one, definitely picking up titanfall..infamous was paid off when i bought my ps4.

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XiSasukeUchiha1328d ago

Infamous>Titanfall I'm sorry EA less FPS and more original titles!

DarkLordMalik1328d ago

I think you meant less fps and more action/adventure or open world titles. In which case, i wholeheartedly agree. The FPS market is already saturated enough.

Septic1328d ago

How are the two related? One is a third person open world game and the other is a competitive FPS?

Why are you addressing EA by the way? Titanfall is Respawn's project.

Anyway, Titanfall for me any day. I've always been a fan of competitive FPS' and Titanfall ticks all the right boxes for me. Also excited for Infamous too but nowhere near as much as Titanfall.

Titanfall is original and a change from what's come before. Is Infamous any more original than Titanfall?

nategrigs1328d ago

@ Septic

The two are related because they are the soon to be released big games. No other big exclusives are coming out soon.

I can't say if infamous is more original than TitanFall (I have gone on a media blackout), but honestly I'm suffering from FPS fatigue. I've played way too many over the past few years and need a break. TitanFall looks amazing if you're into competitive FPSs

PunisherRevenge1328d ago

@Septic....yeah I'll rather take Titanfall over Infamous for now because it's something a little different from what I'm use too. Plus I've already played the Alfa version of the game and let me tell you its dope. The first Infamous was a good game, but the second one sucked. This new one looks like it can rekindle the magic of the first one, but I'm still scared from the last one. So Titanfall day one for me and wait to see the reviews for Infamous before I buy it for my PS4.

Bennibop1328d ago

@Septic Titanfall is not a competitive FPS it is online but is also story driven

mt1328d ago

I don't mind FPS but Infamous for me because what guarantees that Titanfall will not be as buggy as battlefield ?

I don't trust EA at all.

Septic1328d ago


You do realise EA didn't make the games right?

Battlefield was developed by DICE. Titanfall is being developed by Respawn.

Chillstep1328d ago

But EA decides if the game gets delayed or not, BF4 clearly should of been delayed.

mt1327d ago

EA pushes for earlier releases thus all the bugs in battlefield 4 and so on.

Charybdis1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Well titan-fall basicly is a new original IP with a different approach to a (COD) FPS.

pyramidshead1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Agree, an offline game with IP recognition that looks as equal fun to play as Titanfall does, that everyone can play(internet connection not necessary!) VS a new IP that not everyone can actually play even if they wanted to(which is sort of my position if I was bothered about it) + no offline single player.

bennissimo1328d ago

The irony of your statement is compelling.

Infamous will be the 2nd sequel in its series, whereas Titanfall is the debut of the series.

And if you had actually played Titanfall, you would see how it brings together disparate ingredients to make a thoroughly original game.

SasukeX161328d ago

Except a Single player.

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Batnut001328d ago

Already got Infamous preordered and Picking up an Xbox One soon so March will be an awesome month for me.