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xPhearR3dx1779d ago

lol I actually just got this email about 30min ago. Talk about desperation.

Alexious1779d ago

They are with their backs to the wall and they know it.

Septic1779d ago

Maybe, but its a really good incentive no?

What are they going to do with all those PS3's?

Maybe they'll play all the exclusives and have an epiphany?

"OOOOOOH so THIS is what gamers want! No wonder they were mad at us!"

*Flings controller at *Xbox One Research and Development team member*

"You idiot. And you thought people wanted a camera!"

Naga1779d ago

In fairness, Nintendo has their backs against the wall, yet we don't see them fighting this hard. I think it's good for competition.

TomShoe1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

Lol, this is grade A stuff.

Besides, $100 isn't that much anyway. I could sell my old PS3 and my whole game collection and get $250+. This is just desperation.

Neonridr1779d ago

@TomShoe - yes but that's for your console AND all your games. This $100 is just for the console.

xHeavYx1779d ago

I don't care if I get $100, it would feel like a downgrade for me

truefan11779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

Come on Microsoft, don't go this route. The XB1 is a great system, don't make it look like you are desperate. As a 360 and XB1 owner I'm not feeling this, its good business, but this move is more than likely to be twisted negatively. Your 2014 game lineup should do the talking, it's the best lineup of all the consoles.

ABizzel11779d ago

I don't think I've ever seen a promotion, where the competitor was offering trade in value for it's opponents console.

What are they going to do with them?

Why wouldn't the PS3 owners just sell their console or trade it in to GameStop and get a PS4 which would still be cheaper, than getting an XBO?

It makes little sense to me. Wouldn't it be better to offer $100 trade-in for an Xbox 360. THe only thing I can think of, is that they'll use this as PR if a few gamers do decide to do this saying even PlayStation gamers are switching to XBO.

I just don't see the point of this at all.

Blastoise1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

PS3 has the best line up of games this year if you ask me. It's the JRPG machine that just keeps on giving. I have no plans for a next gen console yet.

Who needs next gen when Dark Souls 2, Persona 5 and Tales of Zesteria are all on PS3?

georgeenoob1779d ago


Desperation? Or good business approach? This will definitely bring playstation gamers to the Xbox.

Ashlen1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

Wow, what a sleazy marketing campaign. I doubt I had any respect for Microsoft to lose, so this is simply insulting.

I guess they must be pissed that PS3 is still selling really strong while 360 has basically fallen off the radar. PS3 has tons of exclusive games coming out this year while Xbox has had nothing for basically 2-3 years.

One 82,314
PS3 76,516

johndoe112111779d ago

Am I the only one that finds this extremely embarrassing? The word desperation is an understatement.

johndoe112111779d ago


You're still living in lala land.

raWfodog1779d ago

Or how about just keep your PS3 and buy a PS4 (if you can find one). It's already $100 cheaper than the XB1.

I may get an XB1 eventually but it will be a loooong time and they need to get some tru exclusive games (not available on PC) that I really want to play.

GrizzliS19871779d ago

considering the ps4 is 100 bucks cheaper, how about i keep the ps3 and buy myself the 4?

Septic1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )


What are the "tons of exclusive games" coming out this year? Genuine question.

Razmossis1779d ago

They did this last gen also, with PS2s

MightyNoX1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

Tales of symphonia chronicles
Kingdom Hearts 2.5
Tales of xillia 2
Jojo Allstar
Blazblue: chrono phantasma
Persona 5
Until dawn
Sengoku Basara 4
Drakengard 3
Deception iv: blood ties
Ar no surge
The witch and 100 knights
Alchemists of dusk

mewhy321779d ago

I agree with alexious. They know that the PS4 is dominating the market and with most all multi console release games having higher resolutions and framerates on the PS4, people are finally starting to believe what the press has been telling the public from the beginning, that the PS4 is the superior machine for 100.00 less than the bone.

SilentNegotiator1779d ago

So lose my PS3 just to make Xbone as cheap as PS4?

Eonjay1779d ago

it really begs the question: why aren't they extending this offer to Xbox 360 owners... oh man.

DragonKnight1779d ago

@georgenoob: Lol, no it won't. If they keep their PS3 and spend the $400 they would have anyway they can have a PS3 and a PS4 and have 2 consoles better than the Xbox One.

guitarded771779d ago

They could give me a straight up trade and I wouldn't trade my PS3. My PS3 still gets more use than any of my platforms (including PS4, 360 and Wii U).

This is really a lame ass move.

QuickdrawMcgraw1779d ago

Why would I ditch my ps3 when it does a lot more then a PS4.

Death1779d ago


This offer targets PS3 owners to bring them to the Xbox One. It also removes consoles from the market and lowers revenue from future software sales for Sony.

Microsoft wants Xbox 360 owners to keep their consoles and buy more software for it.

As for what Microsoft would do with PS3's traded in, theywould scrap them to cut off future revenue.

In my opinion it's better than simply dropping the price this short in the consoles lifecycle. A price drop would be desperate at this time. A $100 buy back for a PS3 is the most logical step to lower the price and remove competition.

To get $100 from Gamestop, you need the newest PS3 model. This is a great offer for people with older models looking to get an Xbox One. If you are in the market for a PS4, this is obviously a bad idea.

DragonKnight1779d ago

@Death: "Microsoft wants Xbox 360 owners to keep their consoles and buy more software for it."

What software?

Anyway, anyone who does this is just insane. The PS3 is currently a better console than both PS4 and Xbox One in terms of available titles and titles to come. Coupled with the fact that it has the best PS+ offerings right now as well, and anyone that does this simply doesn't like good games.

It's a smart move by Microsoft, but anyone that takes advantage of it is either a parent that doesn't know better, or a complete moron.

Death1779d ago


What software? I'm guessing the revenue stream that Microsoft shows on their quarterly reports is coming from more than Live subs and 360 consoles sales. I know it's a bit of a shock, but there are actually people out there playing games that are not Sony exclusives.

darthv721779d ago

I have not read the formalities but it would obviously have some sort of restrictions/requirements to take advantage of this offer.

Such as those with ylod system would not simply be able to trade their non working unit in towards an XB1.

Gamestop wont even give you $100 on a system trade in so this is a good deal for those who have multiple and want to sacrifice one for the sake of getting an XB1. Wish i had 1 to spare but i only have the 1 80gb motorstorm model.

Makes me want to track down an old working unit for cheap just so i can trade it in. If it cost me $50 to trade in towards $100 off I still save $50.

Now where to find a working PS3 for $50 or less...?

Kidmyst1779d ago

Does it say if the PS3 has to work? I was using my Slim PS3 until the SP4 came out since my Phat 60Gb died. I doubt Gamestop would give me $100 for a broken one, but would MSFT? They get a Non-working PS3 and that $100 pays for a useless Kinect I get with the XB1 I'll never use.

SmielmaN1779d ago

True fan- lmao. Best line up of all the consoles.... Lol. Man, just step away from the keyboard. You only get one comment and might as well not embarrass yourself with it.... Every article.... Every day.... Just sayin'

DragonKnight1779d ago

@Death: "What software? I'm guessing the revenue stream that Microsoft shows on their quarterly reports is coming from more than Live subs and 360 consoles sales. I know it's a bit of a shock, but there are actually people out there playing games that are not Sony exclusives."

You can't play games that don't exist. I repeat, what software?

scott1821779d ago

Give up a PS3 for that? Why?

Godmars2901779d ago

"In fairness, Nintendo has their backs against the wall, yet we don't see them fighting this hard."

No, but we've seen MS hawking Nintendo's and Sony's launch events. Had people trolling WiiU lines.

ZodTheRipper1779d ago

I got 230€ for my PS3 Slim + 10 games in November. This is not even a good deal.

Also, who in their right mind would switch from PS3 to X1?

BG115791779d ago

Exchanging my PS3 for a Xbone? This is madness!!!!

At this point my PS3 has play value than the Xbone, PS4 and WiiU put together!!!

Why o why1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

@ dragon....death means multiplats...thats all there's been for the past 3 years pretty much anyway. Ms use this method to force an upgrade. It works. Spin all you want but the 360 is pretty much redundant now. The ps3 will be too at some point just nowhere near as quickly as the 360.

I conclude that it is a good business practice for the reasons death stated but it also smacks of desperation.

JokesOnYou1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

I honestly don't see what's so sinister about this deal? It's not desperate it's routine business that happens in every industry. Car trade ins, cell phones, tools, old electronics etc all can be traded in for money off the newer product. What's even better is that in a smaller industry you can specifically target your main rivals products to increase your fanbase/sales. I think some folks see evil where there is NONE due to their emotional attachment to a particular brand so it's like "OMG they want me to give up my beloved ps for an xbox!!" -Well yeah, duh....and unlike you many more other folks just want some great games and a great value regardless of brand.

At the end of the day Yes those loyal to ps brand say "hell no", that's fine because the deal isn't targeted to you. It's for the larger portion of casuals who haven't upgraded to next gen who might be interested in X1 or ps4 but might be swayed by this deal. Just because YOU don't see it as a good deal doesn't mean someone on the fence doesnt, same as if I saw a promotion to sell my 360 for money off a ps4...I wouldn't right now as I don't want a ps4, *YET, but a year+ from now when Ill likely want one that may make great financial sense= smart business.

Prime1571779d ago

@truefan1, "Come on Microsoft, don't go this route. The XB1 is a great system, don't make it look like you are desperate."

This coupled with a lot of the other decisions they've made lately (machinima's promotion for example) are exactly why some off us hate Microsoft. This is brilliant as a business decision, but it's throwing their money around and leaves that lingering aftertaste of, "it's just shady practice."

Maybe if they spent all those hundred bucks INSTEAD on improving the gaming experiences...

Christopher1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

***I honestly don't see what's so sinister about this deal?***

The fact it specifically targets their primary competitor and doesn't leave it open for any previous generation console owner to trade in for a similar price reduction towards an XBO.

You don't see a Toyota dealership saying "Trade in your old Ford vehicle and get a credit towards a new Toyota!"

T-Mobile accepts any other carrier in their deal to help pay off your cancellation fees with your current carrier and they don't require you to trade in any specific type of phone towards the deal.

***What's even better is that in a smaller industry you can specifically target your main rivals products to increase your fanbase/sales.***

Sure, you can do that. Or, you know, you could instead make a better product and improve upon it rather than directly targeting your competitors in the limited scope of gaming hardware.

Targeting specific rivals in this manner in such a limited industry isn't a "good" thing considering what we need more of is competition through product innovation, capability, and the like rather than promoting the selling of your competitors products so you can lose $100 on the sale of you own.

***Maybe if they spent all those hundred bucks INSTEAD on improving the gaming experiences...***

This x 1000000!!!

ion6661779d ago

I would'nt trade my ps3 for that junk. My ps3 still has alot of games coming out for it.

redwin1779d ago

If this deal is on by the time Titanfall comes out then it'll all be relevant . I can see some people with a Ps4 and a ps3 getting a Xbone by selling their old console . Just because it's not a good deal for you it doesn't mean others might not take advantage of it.

Magicite1779d ago

To be honest, I think PS3 still got plenty of life in it, just look at games that are coming this year on PS3. Persona 5 alone will be an overkill!
also this year on PS3:
Tales of Symphonia
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemist of Dusk Sky
Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster
Kagero: Darkside Princess
The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers
Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom...
and many more!

Withdreday1779d ago

lol, Microsoft's marketing department never ceases to amaze me...

Humble much?

kickerz1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

The offer is for 360s and ps3s. How convienient you guys leave that out to make Microsoft look bad.

scott1821779d ago

For Titanfall? That's why? I think Infamous looks miles more fun than Titanfall all day long. I will be sticking with getting a PS4 when Infamous rolls out. If Titanfall is good I will get it on PC.

Oner1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

Same old Microsoft (even) more for way less.

Joey_Leone1779d ago Show
cyber_daemonx1779d ago

@georgeenoob. Very doubtful, most PS3 users will probably want/get a PS4.

jebabcock1778d ago

How bout I keep my ps4 and buy a ps4 for the same cost? Not sure why this would convince someone to switch over.

Anarki1778d ago

My PS3 just broke a week after I got my PS4. Wonder if it would still be eligible. Would do this if it came to the UK, possibly.

UltimateMaster1778d ago

I'd trade in an Xbox One to get 2 PS3s.

BattleAxe1778d ago

I would never get rid of my PS3 for an Xbox One, what a joke.

fenome1778d ago


Are you an accountant or financial adviser? Do you currently own a bunch of stocks in Microsoft or Sony? Honestly all you do is bash Sony and praise Microsoft based on revenue, not entertainment value. If you like gettin screwed in the wallet 'cause that makes you feel like a true contributor, cool. That's not my style though, I like bang for my buck.

Plus Microsft makes A LOT more money in software, and that has nothing to do with Xbox, it's Windows. The Xbox has deep pockets because it gets to dip its hand in that Bill Gates money, it has nothing to do with game sales.

Besides that, I don't really care if you don't think Sony are business savvy 'cause they're the ones that are actually getting my money.

miyamoto1778d ago

Talk about Self Incrimination since XBone reveal!

UltimateMaster1778d ago

It also means, keep your Xbox 360, don't buy the Xbox One.

badz1491778d ago

desperation or not, this is just dumb! trade in the most complete multimedia and gaming machine on the market at the moment for an inferior next gen machine. this is not even worth a thought when you can still keep your PS3 and pay the same price and get a PS4!

if you have PS+, this is even a dumber deal. where are you gonna play all those awesome "rental" games PS+ gives you?

this deal is great if only it also apply to broken PS3s! trade in that and pay $400 for the Xbone, and then sell it back for $460 WITH the warranty and you'll have enough money to buy a PS4 and a game or a year worth of PS+ = WIN!

vigilante_man1778d ago

Barely legal.
Shows desperation.
Scared of PS3?
Final throw of the dice?

Does anyone really know what they are doing at Microsoft's gaming division?

Shall we show all the great features and games our new console has? No! Lets pretend to the world we have equal graphics power and lets do our best to throw money around even at Playstation owners from last gen...

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Crazyglues1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

OMG! Microsoft, Really -just anything you can do to get PlayStation Owners to buy a One... LoL

-And why wouldn't those PS3 owners just get a PS4 and not worry about saving a $100 or losing their PS3 for no reason since PS4 is already $100 dollars less then an XboxOne.. LoL

-Oh Microsoft, you guys are so silly..

||.........___||............ ||

dericb111779d ago

Don't forget that PS+ carries over so most people have 3 games already waiting on them.

Alexious1779d ago

They could either trade in their PS3 to Gamestop and get a PS4, or just sell it online...And probably get more than $100.

MasterCornholio1779d ago


Thats the main reason why i kept my PS3 even though i bought a PS4.

Excuse me while i go play Metro Last Light (thanks PS plus)

T21779d ago

yes crazyglues is 100 percent right... It is a good marketing campaign by MS in theory but just a few "minor" problems..
1. PS3 actually has the best games right now, including dark souls 2 coming, GT, etc...
2. PS4 is already 100 bucks cheaper, so you could sell your ps3 for 50 bucks or even give it to a friend for free and still come out even LOL.

however if you had aspirations to get both next gen consoles, this may be an easy way to do it. not sure what gamestop is offering for ps3

Anon19741779d ago

That was my thought. Hmm...Gee. Keep my PS3 and buy a PS4 for $400, or lose my PS3 and buy an XBox One for $400. Wow, that's a tough one. :)

osu22duke1779d ago

I would do this but i already traded my launch ps3 in to Best Buy when they were offering a $100 gift card. Used that on a shiny new xbox one (that controller was too good to pass up).

Snookies121779d ago

I wouldn't trade in my PS3 even if I got a free X1. I love my PS3 too much, and there are too many great games coming out for it this year.

VENOMACR12271779d ago

Why do people think this is sleazy, stupid, desperate, etc etc? How is it any different if you go to GameStop and trade in a system towards another system? I'm sure GameStop will give you $75 for your PS3. It's just a promotion. Stop being butt hurt over it.

nukeitall1779d ago


"That was my thought. Hmm...Gee. Keep my PS3 and buy a PS4 for $400, or lose my PS3 and buy an XBox One for $400. Wow, that's a tough one. :)"

I know, the choice is easy. I would take the Xbox One! :D

MysticStrummer1779d ago

I'd need a lot more than $100 off to get me to buy the paywall box. $400 is still overpriced if you don't want the camera.