Sony: "We still believe the Vita has a role"

EG: "PlayStation's UK MD on the Slim's new screen, Vita TV and the handheld's future prospects. "

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vergilxx31452d ago

I Thnk so too that it will not sell as well as psp did
Until they bring big guns that is ..
where is my god of war?

BoNeSaW231452d ago

Taking a long well deserved vacation, hopefully.

GOW was milked to death last gen. For those of us that played Collection and Origins along with the PS3 releases(that's ALOT of Awesomeness!) I'd rather have Santa Monica release a new IP.

I would love to see Kratos in 3-5 years on PS4 or Vita! Make us beg Sony!

Megaton1452d ago

No you don't. Sony has left the Vita twisting in the wind ever since it launched, despite it being a wonderful little piece of hardware. Sony is the Vita's worst enemy.

bothebo1452d ago

Totally agree, if they want the Vita to succeed they need to start taking risks. Granted, most of the software on the thing is first party, but nonetheless, it seemingly stopped with Tearaway. I hope to god we get some announcements at E3 with some big name franchises. I do not want to watch a bunch of crappy indie games at the biggest gaming event in the world.

PoSTedUP1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

i dont think they could have afforded to really pushed the vita considering the position they were in, and having to worrie about the ps3, psp, and getting the ps4 ready. i think they didnt for a reason, and that reason being: to see what the demand was like just for the hardware, becuse that says a lot in itself. the vita has games now, but the demand still isnt great. so if they were to dump a ton of money on it, it may still not have done well, and i think that would have been the case. it was expensive and needed games. pump money into game development, and you still have a high price. pump money into marketing, and it still has a high price and not that many games the first year; the reason why the ps3 got poor maketing for the longest, way too expensive to even talk about. pump money into both? well, im all for taking risks, but i think it was smart that they waited from looking at the initial demand. make some money back (or as much as you can) on its own until you feel you can afford, or come close to (feel more comfortable) affording a price drop or a new model. and then be a little bit more comfortable marketing it a little bit (i.e. waiting to support eventually makes the risks smaller, which you want to avoid taking big risks especiallyas a company in their position).

the plans werent ready to begin with, it didnt have much going for it. now they have psNOW comming out plus its capabilities with the ps4, the vita slim & relaunch is exactly for that. i feel they are going to executive this almost as well as the did the ps4. i must say, im liking the way sony has been thinking and planning lately, im quite impressed.

elninels1452d ago

Freedom wars from sce japan

mcstorm1452d ago

Your spot on. I rushed out to get a PSV and I have now sold it as it did not keep up the hype Sony built and a lot of games left me feeling disappointed.

The hardware is great but without software to back it up the hardware is pointless.

I hope sony can now turn it around and make me want to go and get another one. Nintendo managed to do that with me so I still have hope sony can too.

bothebo1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Nicely put, software sells hardware and gives it value. Sony no longer needs to get software on the PS3 since it is doing pretty well on its own right now, but a price cut would probably see them bring in even more profits from it. So with the PS4 being the only real hardware they are pushing software on, why can't they focus more time on the Vita? I think Sony has a lot to answer to Vita owners who have had it since Day 1 and are now upset with the lack of software.

mcstorm1452d ago

I agree I am one of the people not happy with them over the lack of psv software and its also part of the reason why I got an Xbox one before a ps4 as it has more games I want for it at the moment. I will pick a ps4 up at some point but only when it has the games. I do hope Sony pickup the psv again but from what I'm seeing so far I don't think they will but you never know.

webeblazing1452d ago

I'm still tryna figure out whats this role they're talking about. I not even sure if I'm going to replace the one I had. I could just buy a nvidia shield but trying to wait for the k1 vers

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Eonjay1452d ago

I have Final Fantasy I-9 on a single memory card and can take them wherever I go. Thats awesome.

WeAreLegion1452d ago

That's not a very comforting phrase...

wheresmymonkey1452d ago

WE believe it still has a role... As an expensive ps4 add on.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1452d ago

I was thinking the same thing. I rlly don't think the Vita should be promoted like that tho

TongkatAli1452d ago

It has its own games : / the F are you people retarded ? Still saying the same shit ?

wheresmymonkey1452d ago

Nope I don't either.

But that seems to be where sony are taking the device. a portable streaming device that you can play indie games on when you cant get to your ps3/4. Not thats a bad set of functions but its not using the hardware to its fullest at all.

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