A Life of Perpetual Monday - Randal's Monday announced, Time-Looping Geek Adventure

Daedalic Entertainment, masters of the point and click adventure, have announced the geek inspired adventure game Randal's Monday.

Randal’s Monday features cynical humor, geek culture references and classic point & click adventure gameplay at its best. The game pays tribute to a generation of gamers, readers and viewers of subculture media products. Players will find countless items and references to things they grew up with. Retro video gaming consoles, anyone? Your favorite movies and TV series from the 80s, 90s and 2000s? It’s all in there! Take your time and pixel-hunt each screen for everything that’s in there – whereas the adventure gameplay takes care to use all of today’s comfort features, of course.

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Eonjay1632d ago

By the second or third Monday in a row, I would figure out that I was actually in hell.