What do you want to see in a next-gen Halo/Gears game?

Are these two giants of the gaming industry in danger of being left behind due to a lack of innovation?

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TripC501606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

I'm actually going to give an answer for both!

Halo: Keep changing up the formula for Halo games. I want to play a multiplayer mode that allows you to battle as a Spartan, Covenant (and its separate classes: grunt, jackal, hunter ect.), or Promethean Warrior with unique character movement and abilities for each. Have an ability or game mode that allows dual wielding. Give me an emotional/smart campaign story.

Gears: Use a different color pallet. Focus on making an intriguing story I can get behind and get excited about. Give me a unique protagonist that can be the start of something original and new.

JoGam1606d ago

Now pray and cross ur fingers.

TripC501606d ago

Meh, those things won't happen. Those are my hopes. In another life I'm a video game storyboard creator/designer. Sadly I'm a Midwest Jail officer in debt from college. Progressing and becoming financially stable are the things I pray and cross my fingers for lol.

DogtagDuke19921605d ago

Halo: I want to see them reintroduce the main characters from the original trilogy. I want to see the Arbiter and Lord Hood. I want the story to at least make the 8 hour mark like it should, and I want the game to feel as mature and profound as Halo 2 did. Bring intelligent dialogue and interesting story arcs to the next game. For Multiplayer I want to see a return to Halo 2/ Halo 3 style gameplay. The new Halo 4 garbage is not welcome. I want to see Halo embrace what makes it HALO, not experiment with what does not.
Gears of War. I want to see them return to a very dark and gritty atmosphere like in Gears of War 1. Part 3 and Judgement were waaaay too colorful and pretty. I want to feel a serious and empowering undertone that bleeds horror and war like the first game. Focus on making the locusts feel like monsters and less like cannon fodder. Oh and ditch the Judgement gameplay PLEASE. RETURN TO THE GOW 1-3 GAMEPLAY!

TrueJerseyDevil1606d ago

For both series to go back to the roots a bit. No more drastic changes that make us feel like were playing a completely different game

Shadonic1605d ago

This please, I can understand trying new things but for petes sake did that new thing have to also be what everyone else was doing in FPS multiplayer ? Also if you do try something completely different please put in an actual classic gamemode that plays like the older versions for the fans and don't wait to add it 6-8 months after the game released.

TrueJerseyDevil1605d ago

Yea like in gears of war we dont need team deathmatch, it ruined every game mode. Everyone played team deathmatch

mhunterjr1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

I read a halo 5 rumor a while back that really peaked my interest:

Chief needs to have his own ship and the ability to travel to different planets ala mass effect, except much more open world, with main objectives and side missions. And dynamic weather + day/night cycles, and Allen wild life to contend with.

There should be some massive battles with hundreds of AI and a sit Tom of vehicles. In typical halo fashion, there are sometimes 3 sides to the fight, and chief can engage as he sees fit (or ignore it all together)

The multiplayer should bring back the spirit of halo 2. Ditch the load outs and xp progression. Bring back the truskill ranking system.

BattleTorn1605d ago

While I first read Allen for alien, the "sit Tom" of vehicles had me laughing.

mhunterjr1605d ago

Damn iPhones... When I realized it, it was too late to edit lol

BattleTorn1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Marcus saving Cortana, and Chief fighting locus?

I kid ;D

ion6661605d ago

I think they're gonna do a time travel spin on halo. I got a hunch and I don't like it.

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