News - Iwata confirms that Nintendo is moving to an account-based system

In today's Corporate Management Policy Briefing, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata commented on a number of topics. A few that hold promise is the move to an account based system, and then using that system to reward customer loyalty.

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Neonridr1632d ago

An account based system is the way to go. I think tying purchases to a console / handheld really turned a lot of people off. This way, users don't have to pay again to get access to the same content if they get rid of the older hardware. It's about time Nintendo.

dedicatedtogamers1632d ago

HOLY CRAP! This is incredibly good news (and about 6 years too late), but for those of us who want to buy legacy Nintendo games but have held back (because of the games being locked to the hardware) now can do it. Hopefully the accounts have "forward compatibility" and I should be able to re-download my Nintendo games on future Nintendo consoles/handhelds.

BlackWolf1632d ago

"Of course, when we do launch new hardware in the future, rather than re-creating an installed base from scratch as we did in the past, we wish to build on our existing connections with our consumers through NNIDs and continue to maintain them.”

Sound like it to me. Good things are coming, that's for sure.

XisThatKid1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

YES I knew somewhere deep down Nintendo cared about their fanbase. What REWARDS?!

No really though, good move. My friends aren't just a multiple strands of numbers

KevinCubes1631d ago

Damn what happen to your bubbles ?

link2Dpast1631d ago

damn what happen to your bubbles??, im calling this a conspiracy

for we are many1632d ago

It seems that the concept of "Fusion" is more plausible than ever for Nintendo's next gen. cycle.

xPhearR3dx1632d ago

Could anyone with a 3DS shed some light on this? I haven't purchased Nintendo hardware in over a decade, but I'm planning on getting a 3DS in a week or so because of Zelda Link Between Worlds. Lets say I purchase a digital title like Zelda, and my 3DS eventually gives out and breaks and I need to buy a new one. How do you you re-download Zelda (or even if you delete the game) if it's not tied to an account?

Everly1632d ago

That is the exact problem with the device based system. If your 3DS stops working you have lost the device and the game. There is no way to re-download it to another 3DS even if you sign in with your NNID. This move the article talks about would solve that issue as well as allow for the flexible pricing for customer loyalty. So in addition to being able to reclaim your purchases after a device failure, it may be possible to buy new games at a discount because your account shows you have purchased several titles earlier.

xPhearR3dx1632d ago

Actually I just thought of something (not too familiar with the 3DS if you haven't noticed haha) since the game downloads onto an SD card, couldn't you just place that SD card into a different 3DS and have the game working again? Or because it's tied to the hardware, the game wont actually work unless it's loaded and launched from what it's tied to?

If that's the case, I'll stick to physical copies for my 3DS when I pick it up.

PoSTedUP1632d ago

im pretty sure the SD card will format upon entering a different 3DS. dont quote me tho.

klecser1631d ago

Everly is right: that is the current limitation. Although, if your games are registered on Club Nintendo AND you have a NNID, they CAN recover anything registered, but it is a long process.

for we are many1632d ago

It's now tied to your NNID and you can do a wireless system transfer at any time, I personally have cycled through 4 3DS XLs as I like to buy the limited edition ones (I still have the ALBW 3DS XL in its unopened box!), the system transfer operation is automated and easy. In case of the system getting completely destroyed, I think you can call Nintendo's customer service and they will help I guess, I've only tried calling their customer care dept once for a foreign eShop card and they were very helpful and quick.

Sayai jin1632d ago

Very smart move. Ninty is adapting.

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