The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 is out next week

Dealspwn reports: "About time too. After the exceptional first episode of The Wolf Among Us left us with a truly shocking cliffhanger, Telltale left us hanging for three months. Three months I've spent gnawing on my newsdesk and clawing at my hair in closure-less anguish. Three months that I've spent desperately pining for any new info while daydreaming of foulmouthed cockney frogs.

Thankfully Telltale are finally ready to release Episode 2 - entitled 'Smoke & Mirrors' - next week."

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shadow18spirit1572d ago

when episode 2 releases , does this mean we have to wait another 3 months for episode 3

djplonker1572d ago

Usually telltale say: The walking dead episode X out tomorrow

so your usually playing it 24 hours after the announcement and I kinda like that!

m2stech1572d ago

5 months wait per episode is tedious.