Nintendo Download (1/30/14, North America) - Zelda: A Link to the Past and more

Nintendo has announced the games/demos/sales out on the North American Nintendo digital platforms today.

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xJumpManx1301d ago

Now that is what a lot of us have been waiting for A Link to the Past. I can finally spend some of the money on my nintendo account.

Neonridr1301d ago

I already purchased this title for the Wii VC back in the day, but I will gladly pay $1.50 to upgrade it to the Wii U VC and have Gamepad playability. I may even play through the game once more before delving fully into A Link Between Worlds.

DryBoneKoopa851301d ago

Can't wait to pick this up! Getting the Zelda Link between worlds 3DS XL next week so I need to do a 100% run through this game on my Wii U. Glad to see Nintendo finally get this one out.

I would love for the original Donkey Kong trilogy to come to the eShop so I can play those before DK: Tropical Freeze next month.

Neonridr1300d ago

I upgraded from my 25th Annivesary Zelda 3DS to the Link Between Worlds 3DS XL. Needless to say I was not disappointed. The handheld is awesome, and the gold/black contrasting sides looks great.

DryBoneKoopa851300d ago

Nice! Super excited. I think I'm going to grab Bravely Default and maybe some thing else. Any suggestions?

Neonridr1300d ago

well you get A Link Between Worlds so that's a great start. I would definitely recommend Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, fantastic game. Can't go wrong with Ocarina 3D or Star Fox 3D. Mario Kart 7 is great too.

I am definitely considering getting Bravely Default.

InTheZoneAC1300d ago

Nintendo doesn't want your money, otherwise DKC trilogy would've been out already...

InTheZoneAC1301d ago

only took them as long as the consoles been much longer do we have to wait for DKC, Battletoads/Double Dragon, Super C, Super Mario RPG, Metroid, etc...

Wii U 3 will be out by the time they get the rest straight...

Neonridr1300d ago

Super Metroid has already been released on the Wii U VC. The first Metroid is only on the 3DS VC at the moment.

BosSSyndrome1300d ago

Actually metroid nes is on wii u.

Neonridr1300d ago

oh, well there you go, thanks Boss.

InTheZoneAC1300d ago

you're right, just picked it up with Link to the Past.

But again, other games taking forever to come out? They're killing themselves now limiting their sales when they could just release the whole catalog...but I still believe they only have one person running the eshop so that would take forever to accomplish...

Neonridr1300d ago

they should have a team of people who's sole job responsibility is to migrate all the VC content over from the Wii to the Wii U.

It's funny how when we had the Wii VC we were still complaining that there wasn't enough titles. Now we would consider it a god send if we had access to that many titles.

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