The Hottest PlayStation Vita games of 2014

MMGN: The PlayStation Vita has faced some rough times during its nearly two-year run on the market, and sometimes its baffling to think about. Its superior tech and OLED screen hasn’t been enough for some, but for owners, the platform has been nothing short of a blast -- if there’s one thing critics can no longer say, it’s that the Vita has no games.

Here are the known titles headed our way later this year.

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jazzlover5111628d ago

Toukiden for me. Been stuck with the demo for a while, and I think it's better than MH.

rarity1628d ago

Freedom wars seems amazing I'm gonna import it

killerluffy1231628d ago

Yeap Im going to import the asian version for the eng sub cuz I prefer jap voice which sounds way cooler !!!!