Has Microsoft been hinting at some recently leaked Xbox One rumors all along, or is it a big hoax?

Late Wednesday, an anonymous NeoGAF user unloaded a trove of alleged Xbox One information, including unannounced games, new versions of the recently released console and more. It’s all extremely enticing information, but could it be accurate?

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Excalibur1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Dunno about a white Xbox One but a Blu-ray less one would be absolutely stoopid and would be repeating the same mistake as a HDD-less Xbox 360 arcade, why paint Devs into a corner again?

AnthonyJrWTF1627d ago

I don't believe it would paint devs into a corner. It would be digital-only, and the consumer would be purchasing from the Microsoft game store instead of retail. The only issue is sales that appear at retail outlets, but Major Nelson had recently mentioned that MS is looking for a way to match these sales digitally.

It might be a good move on their behalf to have a cheaper version of the console.

JohnnyTower1627d ago

All digital library would just stoke the DRM flames again. BluRay or GTFO.

badboy7761627d ago

All this Crap is set up by Microsoft.

TomShoe1627d ago

Why would they do that? Not only would they piss off retailers immensely, what are the benefits?

It seems like Microsoft's original vision just with slightly reduced DRM and none of the benefits, other than a one-time cheaper cost.

darx1627d ago

I guess it's get GTFO for me. I've been primarily gaming on Steam the last two years. If I could get a cheaper One less BR I am not going to complain.

n4rc1627d ago

Lol.. I know..

It must make them scratch their heads that once DRM was removed and your disks were free again! That many still choose to download their titles anyways.. Lol

How could that be?! Unless..gasp.. People decide for themselves!! Lol

mcstorm1627d ago

@AnthonyJrWTF I don't think a diskless xbox one would be a bad idea plus shops like game ect could still sell the game as a download card and also offer better prices as it media less but MS would gave to work with the shops in doing this. I don't see them doing it but you never know.

FITgamer1626d ago

If this rumor ends up being true, unless they continue production of the current version along side of the disc-less i think this will be a really bad idea. I'm more than sure that there are potential customers that aren't against digital only, but have crappy internet or low data caps that this would alienate.

mewhy321626d ago

That they would 'fake' this whole leak thing would be exactly what I would expect from them....hello machinima?????? This would be right out of their playbook.

dcbronco1626d ago

If the console already requires every game to be downloaded to the HD then is there really a difference. Besides the re-sale value. I don't sell my games so the Blu-ray drive doesn't matter. I plan to get an Xbox One before this happens but if it happens before it will mean I save $100. And since the digital sales have started to get decent it may be a better route for me anyway.

BG115791626d ago

Stupid question here, if they drop the Bluray and consider to go full digital, are they going to increase the hardrive size to compensate?
If they do so, how are they going to drop the price 100$?
Mathematically, this means they would be loosing money on each console sold (when compared with the actual Xbone), would they?
By common knowledge, when consoles loose money, constructors make for the money lost by selling software.
Knowing MS as we all do, if they really do go full digital, does anyone really believe they are going to reduce prices?

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Mikefizzled1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

What? A HDD-less Xbox One couldn't work since blu-rays HAVE to be installed. A Blu-ray driveless Xbox would work fine since all games are available through the digital store. The HDD-less Xbox 360 did work since the DVDs ran live, admittedly not towards the end of the gen with games like Halo 4 required extra content installed.

Wikkid6661627d ago

You do know you can download games... right?

JohnnyTower1627d ago

Games are only getting bigger. Then you add patches and Dlc, even a tb will fill up quick. Plus the downloading time and caps might turn a lot of gamers off. Dropping the BluRay and adding memory seems like problem-switching to me.

Mikefizzled1627d ago

Wikid did you even read what I said or did you not mean to reply to me?
To quote myself "A Blu-ray driveless Xbox would work fine since all games are available through the digital store."

green1627d ago

How does it paint Devs into a corner? The internals are all the same, the only difference is that rather than purchasing your games from a shop, you simply purchase them via XBL.

DiRtY1627d ago

Stop this DRM nonsense please. IF (a big one here!) this is accurate you would have the choice which Xbox One console you want. The regular one or the one without BluRay.

So MS is not forcing anything here, instead they give you options.

1626d ago
Heisenburger1627d ago

Yes it would be... stoopid.


ovnipc1626d ago

Digital only will be good if they implement something that will allow the user to re sell they license.

sprinterboy1626d ago

Would be nice but never gonna happen

chuckyj11626d ago

Yeah.. DRM is already pissing me off with the X1. When I am logged into KI as first player I have all the content, but when my daughter is logged into player 1 the content becomes locked.

She is listed as a family member, so shouldn't my gold membership and downloaded content extend to her? It really irritates me when this happens..

Fanci1626d ago

There is nothing wrong with a Xbox One with no disk drive. All games are available on demand on launch day, and it's more efficient to switch between games. No reason to call it "stoopid". Saves you money and time.

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XiSasukeUchiha1628d ago

Damn MS if some these rumors are true Damn is going to bs exciting!

Fanci1626d ago

I love how saying something positive about the Xbox One automatically get's people to "Disagree" even though this is good news. Lot's on immaturity.

liquidhalos1626d ago

I noticed that too, it's rather expected now go be honest. I assume in this case people disagreed because Microsoft has been absolutely terrible at releasing any good news lately, ever since the E3 TV TV TV TV fiasco, they have been dogged to death by gamers.

You gotta remember that the last couple of years of the 360 and the poor choices of the One hardware Dev team have upset some previous Xbox supporters. Couple that with Microsoft's attitude to PR and you have a recipe for hostility. Just remember, disagrees on N4G are as important in real life as cat pjs

1626d ago
DinoNYC1627d ago

Hard to tell, so much was announced, good and bad news. (Halo 5 delay)

-Foxtrot1627d ago

The only rumour I want to see about the Xbox One it's self is

"Microsoft will release a console WITHOUT Kinect late this year"

n4rc1627d ago

I think you're going to be left waiting forever on that one to be honest

n4rc1626d ago

For sure.. Just saying I dont think they'll do it myself

SynestheticRoar1627d ago

WTF. Microsoft go with the kinectless X1. Don't get rid on the blu-ray. For crying out loud, who the hell is steering this ship.

DinoNYC1627d ago

New CEO should be announced soon, some unexpected events may occur later this year.

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