John Woo Has Released a Bloody iPad Game

Legendary Hollywood action film maker John Woo just announced and released a game. Trailer and impressions on the jump.

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SlappingOysters1572d ago

This has a style that reminds me a bit of a top down Madworld. I was quite a fan of Stranglehold, too (camera aside). Hope this is a success.

FriedGoat1571d ago

Bloody hell, A Bloody Ipad Game.

iosgamer1572d ago

Which director would you like to make a game? I'd like to see more from Peter Jackson. King Kong was good and even TinTin was fun.

SlappingOysters1571d ago

Lol - I was thinking the same thing. Or some Nic Cage overacting...

captainexplosion1571d ago

I re-watched Face/Off last night for the first time in over 10 years. Made me want to watch The Killer and A Better Tomorrow again. John Woo was a absolutely brilliant director at one time.