Nintendo 3DS was the Top-Selling Platform Worldwide in 2013

The situation for Nintendo 3DS is a very different one when compared to Wii U. While Nintendo was not able to achieve explosive growth in the west during the 2013 sales season, that did not stop the Nintendo 3DS from being the top-selling game device of that year.

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mii-gamer1543d ago

Nintendoom3D still, because the internet ignores facts

ricochetmg1543d ago

Their handheld system always holds strong the lack of home console sales therefore the fusion is a great idea.

JohnnyTower1543d ago

I'm not sure how valid this rumor of the Fusion is, but Nintendo needs to have the tablet as a standalone as well as use with the console. WiiU frustrates me by being tethered to the console when I am playing on the gamepad. Mobilize it Nintendo!

lilbroRx1543d ago

But their last home console also sold and the one before that still made profit unlike the Xbox1 which sold more than it.

SilentNegotiator1543d ago

Oh yeah, the internet is in SUCH denial that 3DS is doing well.


lilbroRx1543d ago

Going by the comments on this site and the articles over the past week. Yes. Yes, they are.

JohnnyTower1543d ago

And rightly so. It is a beaut.

Angerfist1543d ago

They really just messed up with the WiiU, it came to early and too weak, sometimes I also wonder how bad the Management must be when it comes to 3rd party negotiations.

NiteX1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

The 3DS was in bad shape as well at first.

GordonKnight1543d ago

Well deserved Nintendo 3DS.

The 3DS had the best game library of 2013.

So games do sale systems.

Will the Wii U have a library of games in 2014 like the 3DS had in 2013. If so, it just might turn things around.

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