Here's a Novel Way to Dim the PS4 Controller's Light Bar

Push Square: "If you’re not a fan of your PlayStation 4 controller performing its best impression of the Aurora Borealis each and every time that you sit down to play a game, then we have a novel little solution for you. A thrifty eBay merchant has crafted a custom set of light bar decals, which not only dim the brightness of the controversial illuminating surface, but also look reasonably stylish to boot."

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TheEnigma3131664d ago

Am I the only one who loves the light bar? It looks cool to me.

Eonjay1664d ago

Exactly, Lol I don't see what the problem is really.

0ut1awed1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

It does look cool but have you been in a situation that mimics the reason people hate it?

It defiantly becomes a eyesore on my 47" high gloss IPS TV when in the dark. The glare even bleeds through on the screen even when images aren't completely dark.

egidem1664d ago

Some people complain that it produces a distracting reflection/glare on the screen during gameplay (glossy screen types).

Personally I don't have a problem with the light bar. Last time I checked, isn't it the only indication that the controller is on?

abzdine1664d ago

i like the lightbar as well, but these things are creative! i'd have my PSN id on it

kingfetish171664d ago

Glad my Sony Bravia has a non-glossy, anti-reflective screen.

Cogan11664d ago

@outlawed, Stop pointing it at your TV then!

@egidem, your right, it is the only way to se if the controller is on, its always the way to distinguish what profile is signed in.

I like the light bar, if you watching a movie and need complete darkness, you can manually turn of the controller from the PS button.

ChrisW1664d ago

Black electrical tape works well... and it's cheaper, too!

0ut1awed1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )


Is that a joke? The front of your controller will always be pointed at the TV unless you want kinks in your neck.


That's what I use but it's pretty tacky looking. For $3 I would much prefer one of the stickers from the article.

But at the end of the day Sony just needs to let people dim the suckers if they aren't using the camera. Not sure why they are so against it. It's not hard to do.

For example the custom software that allows you to hook up a DS4 to the PC not only allows you to adjust the color but the brightness as well. That program was created in mere days...

Cogan11664d ago

@outlawed, its not a joke, my scenario is when watching movies, games I don't notice at all. I cant see it ever being switched off for the fact that its a profile indicator along with a power indicator for the controller. Dimming maybe but not off.

0ut1awed1664d ago


I believe most people are bright enough to say "Hey, I'm watching a TV show and there is a glare from the controller. Let me just turn that around real quick."

I think the complaints are originating from the only situation that requires you to have the controller pointed at your TV.

I've seen some "glossy" TVs that still aren't nearly as reflective as others so it all depends on what situation you are in.

As I noted in my comment above, all I'm really looking for is dimming which has already been proven to be a piece of cake to do.

mewhy321664d ago

I don't personally have a problem with the light bar other than it shortens my battery life.

DragonKnight1664d ago

Why are you people playing in pitch black in the first place? I guess you don't like healthy eyes.

bleedsoe9mm1664d ago

i like to have the option to turn it off , if its not serving a purpose for 2 reasons better in a dark room , and i'll take whatever battery life the light is using .

gaffyh1664d ago

@outlawed - honest question, why did you buy a high-gloss TV?? That seems like the worst idea ever imo.

xxShadow-Shockxx1664d ago

ive had 0 problems with it, i think it makes the controller look and feel futuristic.

Azmatik1664d ago

I agree why buy a high gloss tv anyway? And the light bar on the controller actually slants down so in order for it to be even glare off ur tv u gota literally point it up at it... i dont get the complaints the light bar is awesome even if ir playing in darkness it adds a nice light so u can see stuff on your coffee table :) and also i think ive heard about enough of the whole "the light drains my battery" srry to break it to u but no actually it barely drains ur battery its a LED the most energy efficient light. The reason ur battery is draining is from the vibration and the fact theres a smaller battery in the controller compared to the DS3 u want longer batter life get a DS3 battery and slap it in ur DS4.

norman1231664d ago

because you are such a fan boy that love everything that Sony does, even gimmick and defect (joystick worn out)

0ut1awed1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )


Because it was a basically a new S-IPS 120hz 47" edge lit TV that I got for $150.

I couldn't really be picky about matte or gloss selection. That said there are defiantly major reasons to pick gloss over matte. For example the clarity is much sharper on gloss than matte. I have a 1440p matte monitor in comparison and even though the res is 80% more than the TV, I can defiantly see how the gloss sharpens up the picture when comparing images.

If you have the option for a low lit room then they are a good selection, except unless you own a PS4 apparently.

Now I will say the DS4 light glare could be much worse. It's still bearable. Still a simple dim function for something that isn't imperative isn't too much to ask.

FamilyGuy1663d ago

This guy's gonna get sued. Using Sonys logos/icons to make a profit. lol

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Mikelarry1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

you and my baby son, he just loves that light always stares at it mesmerized by it. me personally don't even notices it once i start gaming so it doesnt bother me at all

TheEnigma3131664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

My son always grabs at it smh. I don't know what his problem is lol.

MasterCornholio1664d ago

To be honest I don't even notice it while I play. But I understand that some people hate it due to the glare that it can cause. In my opinion Sony should allow us to adjust its brightness.

KrisButtar1664d ago

I don't notice it at all either, I only use it to see which controller is on or which is signed in as me.

Sayai jin1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

I like the light bar. It does not bother me. I game in my theater which is usually very dark and I do not get any reflection because I am using a 140x 100 inch screen at +2 gain (Behr silver screen paint mixed with pearl illum....70/30 ratio). A co-worker of mines has a 40 in TV he games on in a small room. He just put a thin black piece of cloth over the light.

On topic, nice work around though.

_LarZen_1664d ago

What's cool with a bright light that have no function people use and reflects on the tv and/or lights up your room when you want to play in the dark?

TruthInsider 1664d ago

These look very cool and classy, would be perfect if Playroom still works!

theDivision1664d ago

I also enjoy the light bar but some of those decals are cool too.

KillrateOmega1664d ago

Same here. I think it looks pretty sweet and I haven't had any problems with glare yet.

MetaReapre1664d ago

Well, I for one love the light bar, but i can see how people have a problem with it, even so i wouldn't mind one of those decals for it. lol

ZombieKiller1664d ago

I love it too. I don't know why people hate on this thing. The battery drain is understandable but COME ON! It's even an AWESOME blue color I love.

The other night I went to change the temperature in my apartment at the thermostat and since I'm too lazy to walk across the room and turn on the light beforehand, I brough my controller with me to give me just enough light to see the thermostat.

See? It's useful! Lol, I don't see what the big deal is apart from a couple of mindless trolls.

N4Flamers1664d ago

I've used it to find my car keys in the dark.

Akuma071664d ago

Nope. I love it too.

Sick of reading all the people who dislike it. It makes me lose a little faith in humanity when people who call themselves gamers are complaining about a light on their controller. How pathetic.

3-4-51664d ago

These are awesome.

It looks like what should have been ton anyways to be honest.

Zancruz1664d ago

I don't have a problem with the light bar either... hell I brought the camera too anyway. But those decals look badass I wish the light bar would work with the camera while their on, cause I would buy them.

assdan1664d ago

I've never had any problems with the light bar that some people are complaining about. It's not that big of a deal.

showtimefolks1664d ago

i got no problem with the light bar.

I do want sony to research some more on the excessive wear and tear on the dual shock 4 controller

Acadius1662d ago

I've never had an issue with mine.

Xalaris1662d ago

I don't own a PS4 but plan on getting one at some point. I thought the light on the controller functioned alongside a sensor of some sort? Wouldn't covering the light screw up how the sensor works?

b00mFargl31660d ago

I didn't like it at first, but the more I use it I like it. The only issue I have is the horrible battery life in comparison to my XO. I'm not sure if it has to do with the light bar for sure, but I wouldn't doubt it.

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0ut1awed1664d ago

That's pretty awesome, especially for the simply (non-permanent) solution and price.

IcicleTrepan1664d ago

I don't see why Sony won't let us turn the damned thing off to begin with. Most people don't have a camera and without the camera the LED array is worthless.

xPhearR3dx1664d ago

It's actually used in some games. Not that it's completely necessary, but if want that little bit of extra immersion it's a nice touch.

I use my PS4 controller more on my PC (Mostly because the PS4 doesn't have hardly any games ATM) and the tool I use lets you turn it off, or change the color to whatever you want. Considering my PC has red LEDs along with my mouse and keyboard. It looks pretty damn cool when it's constantly red and matching my PC :)

giovonni1664d ago

This is just my opinion, but I think Sony was ready to heavily invest on its camera functions for the ps4, the evidence is all there the camera was going to track the controller hints the need for the light bar, but whats the use if little to no one has the camera?
Another thing which is just my opinion was Sony saw the reaction of the xboxone and saw the backlash and quickly switched to gain the upper hand by giving the ps4 the lower price.
That light bar is not there for style. It's purpose was for a different type of emersion lets be real.
The thing is Sony has shown lackluster support for its peripheral based products. eye toy, six ax controller , rumble support controller, move, and now no strong support for their new camera.
I think Sony will have an option to turn turn it off, but they are going to let this all play out with camera sales.

Akuma071664d ago

I accidentally 'agree'd with your comment, when I heavily disagree. I hate that it wont let me change it.

Why would we turn it off? Why would Sony waste valuable time and resources creating a feature to turn off a feature they already invested valuable resources creating.

Because you know, the LED is nothing to do with the Camera. The LED is a visual representation of the Move technology, it also has other uses as shown in games like KZ:SF and some others that are coming up.

I find it really sad that gamers want Sony to spend their time and money creating a worthless feature like turning a light off. Wouldn't you rather them create ACTUAL improvements that improve our experience?

TL:DR Get over it.

OwNizzleD1664d ago

It's not worthless I used it to find my remote for my tv

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XtraTrstrL1664d ago

1 thing I don't get about the light bar is how devs are suppose to use it to show lifebar status and all these other things. I'm never paying attention to my controller when playing, so all this does nothing for me. I'm not gonna be playing a shooter and look down at my controller to see how my HP I have left. Some of the different blinking or very distinct color changes might be noticed, but overall, most of it I'll never take advantage of. It is cool how it changes color in DCUO though, depending on your characters main base color. In the dark, it is pretty bright, but I get minimal noticeable tv reflection, though I'm on a 32inch in my room.

MasterCornholio1664d ago

"It is cool how it changes color in DCUO though, depending on your characters main base color."

I've played DCUO a lot and I've never noticed that. Thanks sharing that info.

Akuma071664d ago

This argument is stupid. The same could be said about every button on the controller.

"Why do the buttons need to be labelled? I don't spend my time looking down at my controller!!!!"

I mean seriously, it is a feature of the controller, if it was used properly you WOULD look down at it. Killzone: Shadow Fall used the LB to show health status, and I am being 100% honest when I say that there were several times during my single player play through when I looked down at my controller to see exactly how much health I had left. Because the on screen effects aren't ENTIRELY a great representation, I mean you can't tell the difference between 50% health and 30% health using on screen effects alone, HOWEVER, using the LB you can. Because there is a difference in the colors associated with 50 and 30% health. When the LB is full red, I know to run and hide. When it is orange, I have a bit of give left.

What about the LED touch screens in controllers? Like the Wii U gamepad. You can't argue you wouldn't look down at that now can you? It is there for a purpose, and that purpose causes you to look down.

Let's take a stealth game for example, when you are fully stealthed the LB could be blue, or white, and then when an enemy is getting closer to your location or you are coming closer to detection, the light can fade to yellow or red. I really hope MGS implements this. Also, when you are in a dark room, the LB does create a nice effect. If that was used properly in horror games it would be cool.

TL:DR my point is, your argument is invalid, because it is up to developers to give you a reason to look down. Also, it's not like you are playing with your controller under your butt right? So noticing the color isn't entirely impossible.

MilkMan1664d ago

Didn't even know this was a "thing".
Guess folks will complain about anything. I mean, who the fuq looks behind their controller anyway?

Panthers1664d ago

Really? It is quite annoying. For me its bad when I am trying to watch movies in the dark. I dont like the light being there and I have to cover the controller with a pillow or something. These little decals are cool though.