PS Vita Slim comparison shots fresh from Sony’s announcement event

OPM: Here’s a few shots comparing the new PS Vita Slim with the old OLED model direct from Sony‘s announcement event this morning.

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Neonridr1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

I want to purchase a Vita, however I don't know if I should get the current model because the OLED screen is better? Or wait for the Slim model because it will be slightly cheaper, have more internal memory and have a longer battery life?


vazurahan1600d ago

If possible, go to a store and see for yourself.

Instead of just relying on people that say you should buy the OLED version when you haven't even seen both.

Some people won't care about the difference. Some people might even like the colors on the other version. etc.

Neonridr1600d ago

I've seen the Vita in person, handled it in the store at a demo station. I just don't want to regret getting the slim and only having an LCD screen when the OLED is supposedly that much nicer. Besides, do we have a release date in NA for the slim? If I have to wait like 6 months for it to come out here, then I will most likely just get the regular model.

TomShoe1600d ago

I'm gonna wait until they drop in NA, hopefully they get a price reduction.

From what it seems, other than the screen and the premium finish, every aspect of the 2k is better. That's just IMO. Dat OLED is still pretty sweet.

Baylex1600d ago

The old model is so much more beatiful!! My opinion... I'm not talking about the screen.. it's just much nicer than the new model..

Sarcasm1600d ago

Get the OLED, it's one of the best things about the Vita

JoGam1600d ago

So true. My second Vita will be the slim.

xHeavYx1600d ago

I would go with the model with the OLED screen. Maybe the price will go down later. I'm not a big fan of the new model's look

PoSTedUP1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

an hour extra battery life and 1gig internal memory does not rival the sexy OLED screen, imo. you can get a controller grip (youll need one, and the slim wont have one right away) that doubles as an external battery pack that gives it almost twice its life.

but thoes are pluses for the slim nonetheless. also the slim has better start n select button; original has tiny ones that are hard to press and hard to locate without looking at them.

all i know is that the original can take a beating, ive dropped it probably 60 times, ive dropped it from shoulder height intentionally on concrete to demonstrate, chucked it to demonstrate, and it has been through many construction sites when i was marble dusting, also my old warehouse job for over a year. none of it exaggeration. its been through more s*** than i have, suprisingly... the vita is a beast like me.

RevXM1600d ago

The vita isnt the most fragile thing, but I smashed mine in a car door. It was in the pocket of my jacket and must have gotten beetween the seat and the door I think. It had only minor cracks but it didnt work afterwards.

Insurance is a must for portable devices so Im happy I had that.

PoSTedUP1600d ago

i guess it depends on how you smash it and the pressure distribution, sounds like you almost chopped it in half. mine is extremely beat up, cracked right speaker box, scratches like theres no tomorrow, all the dings have taken away a lot of the silver/gray trim. i dread it being smashed with force tho, thankfully it is still working, i take it real easy on her now.

RevXM1600d ago

I had to look for cracks because it wasnt obvious and only minor cracks to the front by the upper left corner of the screen. I didnt slam the door unusually hard and I didnt mean to break the vita also the door shut all the way so it couldnt have have gotten between the door and the body of the car.

Remember the the jacket pulling when I fastened the seatbelt which is how I dsicovered that it may have taken a hit between the seat and the door. since it was sort of stuck in between.

PoSTedUP1600d ago

ah i see. from what i understand, as seen in a video, impact on the screen is the most vulnerable spot. someone on youtube hit it with a hammer (but not really that hard) and it immediately stopped working, it was litterally just a tap. some said it might not be broken and just needed a reset (holding the power button for 10-15 seconds.

MatrixxGT1600d ago

Yeah I love my OLED but a bettery battery and 1gig useless storage( since it dissappears once you insert a mem card) isn't that big of a deal.

What I do like is the micro USB charging port. Thats a win. And the slim/better ergonomics can only be tossed up as subjective. So until I can actually hold one and see it for myself I'm holding off. I'm in NA so it may be a while too.

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Neonridr1600d ago

thanks for the tips guys. I seem to be leaning towards the OLED model anyways..

BattleTorn1600d ago

I bought mine last week. I was very unsure at first, and I also thought the Vita Slim was already available in North America.

Even after finding out that the LCD Slim wasn't out yet here, I still was very confident with my decision to go OLED.

I don't intend on taking it out of the house too often, so I definitely valued the screen quality over the thin/lighter/cheaper.

SIX1600d ago

From info gathered from forums (Because we all know forums are totally reliable :P )


- Dat OLED
-Better build quality
-Back touch pad is bigger
-front plate is seamless (No screen indentation)
-Slicker looking (Subjective)

-Shorter battery life
-Shoulder buttons are less responsive
-Proprietary charge connector
-response time is a tad slower (rumor)


-Comes in more colors (I don't know if this is Japan only)
-Better battery life
-response time is a tad quicker (rumor)
-Shoulder buttons massively improved
-More comfortable (subjective)
-Micro USB charge connector (more universal)

-LCD screen
-cheaper build
-front plate is not one piece (Screen is separate)
-Back touch pad is smaller

All in all, I think they are about the same. Each with strengths and weaknesses. I personally would go with the OG vita because the look and build is just so bad ass. It's like the Mercedes of handhelds. Either way you can't go wrong. This plus PS Plus is GOD tiered.

BattleTorn1600d ago

I just bought my Vita. i'm loving it, and I'm happy I went with OLED.

I think I would've hunted for a used OLED even if the LCD was available here

MatrixxGT1600d ago

Great breakdown but I'd like to add that the PS button and START SELECT buttons are raised and much easier to press than the OG. Also there's 2 extra holes in the frame for the speakers so in theory the slim should be a tad bit louder.

kryteris1600d ago

IM pretty sure the response time on oled is god like, and impossible for lcd ever to compete with. Might see an improvement with motion blur.

I personally havent seen this as an issue yet.

*How have the buttons improved? My L trigger seems to be wobble-y or defective as the right one clicks down more smoothly than the left. Anyone else experience this?

SIX1599d ago

@kryteris I read that the Vita slims LCD has quicker response time. I'm not a technical wizard so I'm really not fit to answer. Just something I read. I also ready that the triggers in the slim are way more responsive in that you don't have to press down all the way to get a response. As far as your Vita's left stick. I think you have a defective part. The left stick is identical to the right one. If you can, I would return it and get it replaced.

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goldwyncq1600d ago

Go with OLED vita since LCDs are prone to stuck pixels. Happened to both my psp and laptop screen.

JoGam1600d ago

I'll make sure I'll grab a warranty just because of the dead pixels. I'm loving my Vita Fat though.

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Megaton1600d ago

Glad I have the OLED version.

RevXM1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

I think the old one is better appart from the custom USB port perhaps and I have a 32 GB mem card so I couldnt care about measly amounts of extra internally, but those cards need to come down in price a bit more. I know sony cut prices like 20% a few months ago, but still its probably the number one reason people dont get a vita.

A few sku's to choose from is always nice though hope they keep making a few more of the old SKU until they can make a similar one that is slim. rotate or having a premium and cheap model is the way to go so people can choose IMO.

True_Samurai1600d ago

Why does the slim looks so plastic and cheap plus old one has a better looking screen. Imma get the original before they make it obsolete

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