Battlefield 4 Xbox One Game Update And New Mantle Support For PC - Jan 30

After Dice released the new Mantle support patch for Battlefield 4 on the PC they released another patch for the Xbox one. These Patches include DMR balance tweaks, issues with players using exploits with the SOFLAM or MAV and other bug fixes. Chech out the new changes on the Xbox One.

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creeping judas1604d ago

What about the zero health guys, still running around? What about the ongoing rubber banding?

n4rc1604d ago

That's just a graphical issue I believe..

Finally happened when playing with friends.. Buddy said I killed him and I had 0 health when I still had 15 on my end.

Fishy Fingers1604d ago

Interested to see some Mantle benchmarks.

LightofDarkness1604d ago

Official benchmarks show around 27% performance improvement compared to DX11 on a 7970GE. Pretty good, actually. With 2 290x in Crossfire there was a 58% improvement, with most people saying the game is actually CPU limited at that point.

starchild1603d ago

Not bad at all. I've been waiting to try out Mantle. It should give my 7950 a nice performance boost.

gedden71604d ago

man this game has so many glitches.. I thing the summer would be the time when this game actually lives up to it potential.

No Party system REALLY????

Naga1604d ago

What do you mean, "no party system"? I use the party system all the time; is that a PS4 issue, or something?

creeping judas1604d ago

@Naga, me and my friends dont have issues with the party either. The only issue we had was figuring out how it works on the X1 vs the 360. Once we figured it out, it was actually kind of awesome.

gedden71603d ago

Meaning its a coin flip if youre on the same team as your friends....

Ashby_JC1603d ago

Summer? Honestly I haven't had as many issues as a month ago. It's more then playable in its current state.

Party chat works for me and my clan. But I do hope it gets a overhaul in the update in March.