Kickstarter Horse World Online Needs A Nudge To Finally Get Released

GameRanx, by Ryan Parreno

The browser based game is the ultimate horse lover's game! And it needs your help.

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Christopher1509d ago

Sorry. I'd go for it if it was Pony World. But heck no to just plain old horses.

WeAreLegion1509d ago

Can a man become a horse?

GentlemenRUs1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

The FAD needs to die... Seriously...

If I was making a game, I'd wouldn't need to beg for cash.

RankFTW1508d ago

Yes you would have to beg.

contradictory1508d ago

whoa, that description changed my mind.
this sounds like a hilarious idea
someone finance it so TB can make a WTF is..?
out of it because that'd be hilarious