Super Indie Connection Wii U Sale starts Today on Nintendo eShop

Five independent developers are uniting to offer their WiiU games with a very special deal on Nintendo’s eShop: If you buy one of the participating games, or, even better, already own one of those games, you will get one or all of the others with a 60% discount.

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DryBoneKoopa851606d ago

Need to pick up Mighty Switch Force and Giana Sisters. So what a great way to get both. That's a really good deal.

Neonridr1606d ago

I own both of those and Toki Tori as well. Because I own them, I may look at picking up Bit Trip Runner 2 @ 60% off.

DryBoneKoopa851606d ago

How are those two titles? Are they worth the price of admission?

Neonridr1606d ago

Mighty Switch Force is fantastic (I own both on the Wii U and also the 3DS version). Giana Sisters I haven't properly sat down to play.

Venox20081605d ago

all those games are good (well I didn't try Spin the bottle), but others are really good, especially Runner 2, Mighty switch force.. giana sisters is a decent, toki tori 2 a good puzzle logical game

wheresmymonkey1606d ago

I alrady have runner 2 on xbox but at that price i might have to get it again just for off tv play. I've been thinking of picking up mighty switch force now for a while.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1606d ago

I have Runner 2 on Wii U when it launch