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William at GameCloud Writes: "Tomb Raider was arguably one of the best titles in 2013; with a thrilling narrative, interesting characters, and a semi-open world that was packed full of secrets. More than anything though, Lara’s reboot also came during a time where the industry was crying out for more positive female role-models, and I think Crystal Dynamics hit the nail on the head. Sadly, the “Definitive Edition” doesn’t feature any new content, but it does include all the original DLC, as well as some goodies that are included with the retail version; which is nice. In truth, it’s a little disappointing to see the game being released at full price, but in saying that, it’s clear that a lot of work has been put into rebuilding the visuals, so I can fairly say that it is somewhat justifiable. For the purpose of this review, I played the game on PS4, for which I personally enjoyed all of the consoles unique features, such as remote play, but in saying that, I wouldn’t let the frame-r...

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Qwagy UK1632d ago

should be half the price!

teedogg801632d ago

If I hadn't already played and beat this last year on my PS3 I would pick it up for my PS4 in a heartbeat.