Tropico 5 Announced For PS4, Will Take Full Advantage of Console's Processing Power

New game in the series will make its series debut on the PS4, but will also be releasing on the Xbox 360 and PC.


FTFY ~cgoodno

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amiga-man1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

And the exclusives keep on coming and the big guns are still yet to fire.

Edit, next gen exclusive

Sayai jin1575d ago

Now people are counting exclusives by which generation.

Please stop, if it is coming out on other consoles it is not exclusive.

3-4-51575d ago

Cool But......

Will the game actually work as intended and allow you to make an Island of more than 500 people without it freezing or glitching and erasing your save ?

amiga-man1574d ago

Time will tell but with the extra power of the PS4 there is every reason to think it shouldn't be a problem.

Bathyj1575d ago

Why does it say exclusive. Its not is it?

Anyway, good to see other types of games coming to PS4. Theres no enough stragey or RTS type games on consoles.

Moncole1575d ago

Not an exclusive. Its releasing on PC, PS4, X1 and X360.

Tatsuya 1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

almost right there, mate. You got it wrong on the Xbone though.

Moncole1575d ago

It said on wikipedia that is was coming to Xbox One but I guess someone fixed it now.

Gamer19821575d ago

Thats like saying Titanfall isnt exclusive as its also on 360 and PC.. You xbots are handy to use the word "exclusive" when its not on ps4 but when its not on xbone its not exclusive right? You can't have both Either titanfall and tropico are both exclusive or neither are. Simple as..

Moncole1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )


Titanfall isn't an exclusive and I am not an Xbot because I never own an Xbox before.

An exclusive is a game that only releases on one system

Tatsuya 1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

and.. that's where you are wrong again, there are two types of exclusives.

1) Console Exclusive or Third Party Exclusive such as Titanfall
2) Brand Exclusive/ First Party Exclusive such as Uncharted

Know your facts before you want to comment on something.

You're welcome

Moncole1574d ago

There is one type of exclusive and thats when its on one system only. Console Exclusive is a buzzword that companies use to make stupid people think they got a game that they only have.

MRMagoo1231574d ago

Console exclusive is a made up term by xbox fans because all the exclusives they had went to other systems like pc, everyone knows an actual exclusive is exclusive to just one console or just PC not to everything but one system, such as titanfall its not exclusive.

Rockefellow1575d ago

It might be next-gen exclusive, but I'm almost certain this was announced for 360 a while ago, which is still another console.

Nice addition for Sony, however. This series has a pretty big following, and plays rather well with a controller-- and the touchpad could be used in some great ways.

KrisButtar1575d ago

Is this game like Civilization? I've never played it, but it sounds like a Civ game or an Anno game.

jackanderson19851575d ago

not really no it's more like Sim City than those two.. ur on an island by urself, u've to manage the people while taking in revenue to fund it all.

my recommendation get the Oil Rigs up as soon as possible, best money maker in the game usually

KrisButtar1575d ago

+bubble helpful.

From the quick game descriptions I read, it didn't come across like a Sim City game.

OrangePowerz1575d ago

More like SimCity, Theme Park and those kindof games.

ThanatosDMC1575d ago

Nothing as awesome as Anno but it's acceptable. I hope they fix the AI from 4 because most people wont use the roads properly and you end up with extreme traffic that halts your economy.

KrisButtar1575d ago

Yea I wasn't able to play Anno 2070 until recently even though I bought it at launch because Internet wasn't offered in my area. Now finally having played it, it is truly a great game.

ThanatosDMC1575d ago


Yeah, it was on sale on Steam for $14 or $7 recently. If you managed to get the Deluxe version, you'll be able to get all the "achievements" or whatever they call it on Anno.

The Deep Ocean DLC makes the game way too easy though. Money just pours out your islands with the DLC after you have the ability to buy stocks.

MasterCornholio1575d ago

I always thought of it as a Fidel Castro simulator. Its a lot of fun though.

webeblazing1575d ago

Its like simcity on a island where you play as the president . Hopefully they have some good control schemes and good ui because if not its gonna be slow and dumbed down on consoles

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KonsoruMasuta1575d ago

I'll wait to see how it is on PS4 but I'll probably just get it on PC. Tropico 4 on 360 was horrible. The game would lag like crazy and crash if your population got too big.

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